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Wisdom from the Web

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Child care tax is on the ballotMy only hope is that the good people of Eagle county can look past this attempt to raise taxes again. I will vote to never raise taxes as long as there is the disgusting government waste that occurs. I’m sure you could tighten the county budget by $2 million-$3 million if this is such a priority. Why must these arrogant politicians always put a hand in my pocket when they can’t figure out a way to do with what we have now? …Re: Wisdom from the Web “How is this a bad thing?” a Tipsliner said in response to plans for new projects in the Village at Avon. Get you facts straight. The town of Avon provided the temporary site for the new charter school, not Lindholm. Avon did not condemn anything for East West Partners. The ambulance site being offered by Lindholm is part of a town park owed instead to Avon. And the energy center can be in the commercial area near Wal-Mart, if it is even possible to reduce fuel costs. Avon got into a bad deal once with Lindholm and they should not be dumb enough to get suckered a second time. … Re: Wisdom from the WebThe county commissioners seem determined to have government intrude into and regulate everything. Only they can protect our quality of life, provide health care and now raise our children. Instead of raising taxes to raise other people’s children, how about requiring a license from the county to get pregnant? Let’s check legal and marital status, income and psychological balance before granting one. This would be a great way to prevent children that the rest of us will have to raise. Re: How to keep Eagle County special?Eagle County is special because of what we have here and what we don’t have here. Control growth and development, get bike lanes on crowded highways, protect open space and get living wages paid to those who work hard and then get out of the way. If we need and want other things, the free market will provide them when costs and demand are in the right balance. We don’t need more government to intrude into our lives. We need some solid conservative thinking by the commissioners. Re: Z Blog: What’s so important about Israel?This was actually a really good article. But it should be noted that the buzz word now is that the antagonist is Islamic fundamentalism-extremism, and terror-terrorism is the means by which they execute their goals. Re: Z Blog: What’s so important about Israel?As I have told Matt Zalaznick before, it’s simple, the Islamafascists hate the rest of the world because we are, in their minds, infidels. It’s as simple as that. …Re: Early-childhood tax to appear on fall ballotI have worked in the early childhood industry for almost 10 years. I am in full support of funds to aid working families in acquiring quality child care, I am also in full support of grants to aid existing child-care facilities to train teachers and provide incentives for continuing ed and quality teaching. What I am against is pet projects by our commissioners that can HARM rather than help the early childhood in our valley. There is a shortage of preschools in this valley, and the existing ones have trouble finding good staff. When the commissioners open these new schools, as much as half the staff are hired away from the existing schools. Also, the fact that they are open with tax dollars paid out by the existing schools contains as much irony as say the commissioners asking the Eagle Diner to pay for a Denny’s to go in across the street, knowing full well that it would not only take customers but employees as well. Then, when the commissioners lose interest in their little pet project “Denny’s,” as they would a senior center or a bike path, it will go by the wayside, causing an even greater shortage of preschools, I mean pancakes.Just say no to government taking money from business to fund the competition. Re: Wild first day ends with Nike on topI raced in it and it was brutal, just what we were looking for. There was plenty of water for the athletes and the horses. Nike always complains to try and get an advantage. … Vail, Colorado

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