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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily Staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, are excerpts of those comments:Re: Plea agreement: Prince planned bank robberyDon’t bring the stupid little pathetic points of the law into it. These two boys were innocent boys who just did something stupid. They tried something new and it backfired, at the expense of other people. Instead of getting angry over the situation, just think about what their families are going through, and also what the two boys are going through. I went to school with one of these boys, and he’s not a bank robber, he’s a practical jokester, a guy that used to get into mischief a lot. … He’s a good guy, so back down off your soap boxes and think about it from the perspective of what would you think if your son or nephew did it?Re: Migrant brings his family to ColoradoUh, exactly when was Colorado a part of Mexico? I think that even the indigenous natives from 500 years ago would argue that it never was! This is just another example of the reversed logic’statements made by a bunch of invaders to justify their existence. If you say it often enough and enough dim-witted people start repeating it, it becomes the “truth”?Re: Vail Resorts to sell riverfront site near Beaver CreekBecause the lift lines aren’t long enough. Tell East-West and Westin to take their gondola and crowds to minturn.Re: He’s already thereAbsolutely beautiful. Thank you and God bless, Daryl.Re. He’s already thereJeff, this is one of the finest expressions of friendship I’ve ever read, and proof positive that the meanings and values of our highest and best relationships will definitely outlive us. Thanks.Re: Quality of life at risk, Runyon saysThank you, Mr. Runyon, for standing up to the outrageous growth problem in the valley and county. Growing up here has made me well aware of the changes the county has undergone in the past 25 years, and while some have been for the better, far more have been for the worse.An atrocity was committed with the constuction of Home Depot and Super Wal-Mart in Avon, creating the single worst eyesore in the Vail Valley since I’ve been alive. I think we all need to take a good, hard look at what development has done to our once pristine valley and question whether we want more of the same: more buildings, more roads, more parking lots, more congestion, mroe crime, etc. We live here becasue of the beauty of the mountains and it is very quickly being desecrated into an alpine urban metropolis. …Take a look at one of Runyon’s old postacards. If we don’t take action now, Runyon Postcards may never again be able to capture the beautiful, tranquil mountian community that we still have time to save.Re: Letters to the editorWho is this guy Arthur Kittay, and why does he perseverate so endlessly about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Vail Daily? Why is he so fervent and one-sided about this issue? What does he think his letters are going to accomplish here? He should give us all a break and write The New York Times instead?Re: Letters/Art KittayYou are correct that Mr. Kittay’s writing belongs in a larger newspaper, but your own response indicates a local need for improved education in Mid-East matters. … Mr. Kittay’s articles address new events, actions and information regarding our own country’s relationship with our ally, Israel. Without Mr. Kittay’s letters, most people would remain completely unaware of the situtation. Mr. Kittay is correct that the USA must stop funding terrorist organizations such as the PLO. Nothing about that bunch has changed in 58 years although chief terrorist, murderer and liar, Yasser Arafat, is finally dead. Those who continue to believe Israel is “just as bad” as the PLO are completely ignorant of all Mid-East history, and dangerously naive. The “Mid-East problem” can easily be solved by unleashing Israel. The Israelis have the technology and the know-how. The USA should get out of their way and let them clean house.Vail, Colorado

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