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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there. Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Veggie oil-powered bus rolls through the countyAlthough skiing and snow amounts may change skiing in the East and Southeast will be finished long before skiing at higher elevations like Summit County. In those areas now, it rains more than it snows and the seasons are shorter. Because of that, the business levels here will be much higher than ever before. Tom Clancy, Breckenridge Re: Government access station hits cable soonCounty television is such a great way to spend our tax dollars. What a waste.Re: Letters to the Editor, ‘Not to this tax’Why does no one even question whether or not the county government has the authority to pass such a measure? What’s next? A county-owned and operated television station? Oh, wait! They’re already pursuing that, too! Is there any limit to what our commissioners can do? … And for all those in support of this early childhood nonsense, you do realize that your taxes will be raised to pay for it, don’t you? Just exactly how much more money are you willing to allow your county commissioners to squander on poorly conceived feel-good spending? This is all so wrong. …Re: Wisdom from the WebThe only people being suckered are the Avon taxpayers. Ask Al Williams about condemnation of his property at Benchmark Road (Lot 2), adjacent to East-West Partner’s property, the new Westin and the home of proposed gondola to nowhere. … As for what Lindholm “owes” to Avon, it is clear that from the current Town Council’s perspective anything he does will never be enough. Rather than butt heads with Union Pacific (No. 153 in the Fortune 500) as Avon prefers to do, Traer Creek worked WITH the railroad and Lindholm paid $2 million to build an underpass, on time and, if I recall, under budget. And who will Avon’s at-grade railroad crossing benefit? A) Avon’s tourists. B) Avon’s Residents. C. Traer Creek. D) East-West Partners. Hmmm. Re: Government access station hits cable soonThe station is paid for by CenturyTel and Comcast in the form of franchise fees paid to the county. This is how government access stations are funded throughout the country. This is not something new. …Re: MugShots: To-do listYou should write more blogs. They’re great. :-)Re: Tipsline, ‘Doggone it, Avon’A Tipster writes, “I’d like to see more signs around Nottingham Lake …” Great idea. Just what we need is more signs, signs, everywhere a sign, blocking out the scenery, and not being read by anyone. We do not need more ugly signs! Everyone knows the ordinance on cleaning up after their dogs, but some choose to ignore it. Leash laws are absurdly oppressive (perhaps children in stores should also be kept on leashes). We do not need more signs repeating the ordinance on pet poop; no signs should be necessary at all! Irresponsible pet owners must be held accountable. Cite them. Re: Wisdom from the WebYou’re right, let’s get rid of the thing before it gets any worse, if that’s possible. But if we don’t get rid of it, then I have no problem at all having the county government “own” TV8. By having the government own this station, hopefully the programming would get better and increase what the point of the station is, exposure of businesses and activities in the valley for tourists. I don’t know if you noticed but we live in a resort community where the majority of homeowners are part-time residents. So if there is better programming, the theory for advertising is that tourists will see these ads and go to these businesses and activities, pouring money into the economy. It’s quite simple and effective, really, as long as you can accept the fact that TV8 sucks now and with better management, programming and funds it could be much better, and the economy can only benefit.Re: Would you vote for a tax increase for early childhood care?People should consider whether or not they can afford child care before they have children. It is not our responsibility to pay to take care of your children. Really offensive are those that want us to pay for their child care so that they can continue to enjoy the “quality of life” that they have become accustomed to with their $2,000 mountain bikes.Re: Vail Resorts goes 100 percent wind powerThis announcement has had basically no impact on the stock price in the short term. So the market perceives the move as immaterial (in the short-term).Vail, Colorado

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