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On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Would you vote for a tax increase for early childhood care?I have a dog. I propose a tax to help me pay for doggy day care for him. My decision to own a dog is everyone else’s financial responsibility, not mine! After all, by owning him I make a contribution to society, and society ought to express its gratitude by subsidizing my desire.Re: Belief in the Resurrec-tionBob certainly scores on one point: “Worldview controls you. It can make you believe something even though every fact points in a different direction.” Bob, have you considered the possibility that your worldview may be hustling you? Your argument comes down to “it’s in the Bible.” I still don’t get why I should put so much stock in the fantastic claims of an ancient book of unknown authorship that was pushing a certain sectarian religious view and could have been considerably revised from its original form. What is the difference between the fierce conviction of Christians in their holy book and that of Muslims in theirs? Re: Wisdom from the WebMy family is one of those that the politicians are always saying we need to keep in our towns and the county and that we need for the future energy in our communities. I work two jobs, my wife works part time, we own a modest home, and we’re raising two wonderful children. We make sacrifices to provide the environment and care that the children need and deserve. Every time I make an improvement to our home, my assessment and taxes go up. I’m working to create “hearth and home” that we say is what the American family is all about. What happens? The government penalizes for doing that with more taxes. Now they want to force charitable contributions on us. We are already charitable to others and take nothing for ourselves. I want to contribute to my church and to the causes that I respect and value on my own. Do not force this new child-care tax on my family and others like us. Vote “No.” Shame on the county commissioners. As others have written, they have plenty of revenue that could be used for their new scheme. Get off my back and out of my life. …Re: Early-childhood tax to appear on fall ballotThere is also a shortage of beaches in Eagle County. Why can’t government funds be used to provide more of those?Re: Belief in the ResurrectionAnd yet again Bob Branden brings more truth to the troubled and skeptic Vail Daily. Bob, of course I agree with everything you said in your article. It just saddens me because I know that there will be people who will comment on here who disagree. It saddens me that their worldview of lies, materialism as you put it, non-existence of absolute truth, and fear drive people to reject the very truth that you and I adhere to that ultimately is present in the Bible and Christianity. Re: Fiske follies… A religion is a worldview, a meta-narrative if you will, which a group of people adhere to. Is not calling faith a religion a little broad? I think that grouping all these “religions” together is dangerous because there are substantial and fundamental differences to them. Although there are, of course, differences within the religions (i.e. different denominations, political views, etc.) I hope that there is a common tie to the bind for everybody. And that is what makes these different faiths different religions? So personally, I don’t have a problem calling my personal faith in a broader set of the religion of Christianity. I’m proud to be called a Christian and proud of my religion because that is what it is.Re: Vail Resorts goes 100 percent wind powerGood heavens, let’s take a company that generates on an essentially break-even profit and negative cash flow and double its already sky-high energy costs. …It reminds me of when Adam Aron said, “We were concerned, but everything came up roses” a few years ago when the company had a net profit of a few million bucks. Of course the Vail Daily failed to recognize that Aron’s declaration made the NYSE gag. You can’t BS the markets!Re: Vail Resorts goes 100 percent wind powerThis announcement has had basically no impact on the stock price in the short-term. So the market perceives the move as immaterial (in the short-term).Re: Wisdom from the WebRe: “You tell me to examine my fairy tales; OK, done.”You obviously spent a great deal of time examining your fairy tales. Until you are ready to seriously question the belief system with which you’ve been indoctrinated, you cannot begin to participate in this debate. And I may not know you personally, but I know you by the words you write, just as you can know me by mine.It is no contradiction to say, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived. Most atheists know the Bible better than most believers, which is why they are no longer theists. The definition of atheism is not “the belief in nothing” – it is the rejection of theistic beliefs. Atheists simply do not accept theology. Atheism itself is not merely another set of nonsensical dogmatic beliefs; it is non-belief. We just do not buy the junk you’re peddling! We have no need for it. Until you grasp this philosophical concept, the debate cannot proceed.Re: Vail Resorts goes 100 percent wind powerThis is in response to Aspen (whose environmental efforts, along with Whistler, truly lead the industry) announcing the same thing three months ago. They got so much press, including huge stories in Time and Newsweek, that it made sense to jump on board. In any case, and for whatever reason, congratulations to them. It is a great thing to do for the environment.Re: Wisdom from the WebGov. Owens signed into law requirements that only proven U.S. citizens can receive state and federal benefits. Kudos to the governor and our state legislators! People will have to have a “secure photo identification, sign an affidavit that they are U.S. citizens and get their application approved through the federal System Alien Verification for Entitlements” program. County commissioners, is this also part of your proposed new tax for child care? It should be.Re: flatlander: Babysitting Eagle CountyRight on, Austin Richardson! I admire you more with each article you write! And that is the truth!Vail, Colorado

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