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Wisdom from the Web

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On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there. Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Lamm takes on a tabooI am so glad you wrote that reaction piece about Dick Lamm. You are right on, D.R.! I read the article covering Lamm’s speech and was horrified and embarrassed that he was our governor once. I know he has always been anti-growth, that is why he stopped us from having the Olympics in Colorado, so he must have been against immigration back then too. But he seems like a complete racist now. There are many people who seem to agree with him in this valley. Are they racist or just anti-illegals (like they call themselves? Anti-illegal groups promote racism because there is no way for the average person to tell whether someone is here legally or illegally. Therefore, the population is lumped together and is discriminated against by the so-called anti-illegal alien supporters. Should we make them walk around with stars on their chests? Re: Society’s investmentsIf I wanted to live in a socialist country, I would be living in one. I want to live in America, the land of hard work and self-support. The only benefit to taxes that I can see are good roads. Period. Health care bottoms out when the socialist government intervenes. Child care bottoms out when the government intervenes. Schools are at the bottom (on average) when the government runs them. Children blossom under parents’ care because no one truly loves you like your own family. Period.When people are responsible, it shows in every aspect of their lives. From school, to work, to life. … Keep the government in its role. That role does not include laws about smoking in one’s own home or one’s own car, with, or without one’s very own kids present. It does not include the “right” to a place to live for free, or groceries for free (for eternity). And the government’s role does not include the government assuming it alone will pay for day care. If they, and these parents, want that, then have the politicians and the parents operate their own private lemonade stands. Do not ask taxpayers for their hard-earned money. I survived in this costly valley without free taxpayer-subsidized day care. Most of us who work do. So forget it.Kepp your hands out of my pocketbook. My money, taxpayers’ money, doesn’t belong to you or the government! Re: My granny was a howler monkeyIf “devolution” can explain such phenomena as Fox News, what can explain the corrupt state of affairs at The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Newsweak and SeeBS, all of which have been busted for publishing lies and fabrications (when not leaking national defense secrets)? Better yet, what can possibly explain the bizarre phenomena of all the willing suckers that continue to believe them? Maybe this is just natural selection at work, and these useful idiots of the leftwing media will eventually cull themselves from the herd, ultimately improving the gene pool upon their departure. The only problem with natural selection is that it operates so slowly, and in this case will likely cause a lot of collateral damage in the process.Vail, Colorado

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