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On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Costs a cause of teacher turnoverThe only reason they wouldn’t go on record is because of the district. Pay attention, people. If teachers have an opinion they are released. If parents have a loud voice, they are called troublesome. This article was such a waste of time, and nothing to actually look forward to. Next time put a reporter who doesn’t seem to be so blinded by the district itself. Where is Scott Miller anyway, or better yet Mike Cacioppo. And by the way, how about asking teacher for their input without going “on the record.”Editor’s note: Teachers are protected by tenure, so they can indeed express their opinions if they so choose. Re: Costs a cause of teacher turnoverI am a teacher that quit. I quit because of the TAP program. The TAP program is divisive, takes teachers away from students, does not increase achievement, and increases class size while decreasing time for art, music and PE. The TAP program took away a big chunk of my planning time and replaced it with group meetings with other teachers that frankly wasted my time. I found the evaluations less than helpful and the bell curve that is used to distribute payouts as a joke.I agree, the article was not investigative reporting and it was an insult to the intelligence of the taxpayers of Eagle County. Re: Worldviews frame politicsI got to hand it to ya Don Rogers, I was actually impressed by this article. While I may not agree with you on a lot of things that you say, I felt this article was well put to sum up these discussions and debates that have been going on because of the articles written recently. Like you said, thank God (if one believes in God) that we can come together in a free environment like this to discuss these issues that are our worldviews. Re: Wisdom from the Web”All religions are the same; there are no winners or losers because none are ‘true.'”Wow, you seem pretty sure about that, in fact you would say that everything you say is truth. But then again according to the above quote there is no truth. Hmm, that contradictory seems like a lot “mumbo jumbo,” as you put it, which is all you can conclude about religions anyway, a primitive phrase like that. Re: Wisdom from the WebWhy are people so confused? The county commissioners didn’t impose any kind of early childhood tax. They simply put it on the ballot. You get to vote for it! They did the responsible thing and let you decide. You can say no at the ballot box. There is no tax now for early childhood development, and there may never be.Vail, Colorado

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