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On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Wisdom from the WebI’m of the opinion that there should be no new increases in taxes until the county has its house in order. After you spend a whole season here, you will see how tight the personal budgets are for the working folks here. They cannot afford to jump on any new trendy tax hike scheme. Where is it in any outline of state or national constitution that the government has the responsibility to educate our children. If the government would release all the education funds it receives as tax dollars, we as individuals could make far better choices for our children than some commissioner could ever do. Govern-ment taxing and spending isn’t the solution. Re: Tipsline, ‘Raising taxes is the only answer’Yes! Please raise my taxes to pay for everyone’s needs! It is my obligation as a citizen to give the fruits of all my labor to someone else. I’m just sorry that I don’t make more money so that I could make a greater contribution. But at the average valley wage of $12 per hour and just 24 hours in a day, I can only work three full-time jobs and part time on weekends. To provide all our governments with as much tax revenue as possible, I claim no deductions and as few dependents as possible. I only wish I could do more. Meanwhile, until I receive my family inheritance, do you take VISA? Re: Wisdom from the WebWhy does everything have to be so black and white? There are many shades of gray here. I hardly think that $32 a year would be “disastrous” for anyone. And, btw, is it really my house that’s not in order? Considering I’ve lived here a month, I’d say no (and I’d also say up front that I don’t claim to know exactly what’s best for Eagle County, given my short tenure here).My point is more that early childhood education/child care is really a good thing, and even though it’s a novel idea to use a tax to help fund it, it’s worth considering. Other ways are worth considering, too. Should we cut “government waste,” too? Absolutely. Do we need another TV station? Not as far as I can tell. Since you oppose the tax, are you, personally, going to lead the campaign to rally an organized opposition to the TV station and to propose other alternative sources of funding? It’s easy to say stuff like that anonymously in the paper, but it’s much more valuable to the community if you step up and do something about it.And, for the record, I think early childhood education-child care and education are very closely related, but health care is a whole other ball of wax. I’m not even clear why you bring it up, except perhaps to cast me in the camp of “those damn liberals”‘ Or something like that.Re: Wisdom from the WebSo your thesis is that since we are taxed for public education, then we should extend that into the early childhood area as well. How far does this go? From there I guess we could then extend this to pregnant mothers and pay for all of their health care associated with their pregnancy. Taking more from the over extended population in this valley would be disastrous. We all know that by eliminating government waste, we could afford to provide this service as proposed without raising taxes. Once government waste is alleviated, then the government can come and ask me to fork over a few more dollars. We can start by using any money the county wants to open a television station take the salaries associated to that and move them over to early childhood development programs. Sounds good as a starter and I haven’t even tried to find more pork. In short, get your hands out of my pockets until you have your house in order. Re: Wisdom from the WebA few thoughts for “I have a dog” and everyone else who thinks the child-care tax is ridiculous.First, while such a tax is a very cutting-edge idea that communities around the country are just starting to consider, does that make it a crazy idea? We pay taxes that go to support public education, and the time that kids spend in school allows millions and millions of parents to work to support their children. It seems like child care for young children isn’t that different from starting school earlier (assuming it’s well-run). Or are you suggesting that public education is a horrible idea, too? (Wait, don’t answer that).Second, a lot of the rants have been directed at people who are having children “irresponsibly.” I, for one, won’t presume to dictate to anyone else whether they should or shouldn’t have a child, but I want to point out another group who can benefit tremendously from affordable child care: middle-class working mothers. How many women do you know who have had to leave their career to raise their children because that is their only option financially? I’m not criticizing the choice to stay home, if that’s what it is, but as women continue to gain on the career front, they are facing tougher and tougher choices because they want to raise a family but they don’t want to walk away from years of progress on a solid career. While Eagle County is over-represented in the top tax brackets, the reality is that most people can’t afford a nanny, and if this tax can support women in making whatever choices they want, then I think it’s great.Third, I moved here only recently, and I’m just stunned by the latent racism against the Latino population. I think it’s reasonable to want your tax dollars to support citizens, but do you really think you can look at someone or listen to the language they are speaking and know whether he or she is a citizen? There are a handful of you that are spewing such vitriol about “the Mexicans.” I’d hope that you could at least take a step back and remember that individual people have their own stories and make their own choices before you condemn an entire ethnic group.Re: Wisdom from the WebThe county, the library district and the school district all want tax increases. And this is on top of the fire district increases just passed in the spring. Are these folks nuts? Everybody knows that real wages are not going up and yet we are asked to pay more. Pretty soon there will be a tax increase to help all of us they are putting on welfare.Re: The Monty Python solutionPassing new feel-good taxes is nothing but cheap politics, as well, Don Rogers. I refer, of course, to the wisdom of Runyon and Menconi (your two liberal leftist friends) asking for millions of dollars of our money to spend on day care for other people’s children. Just because it makes them and you feel good. Austin Richardson is right in his blog that the left-wing crazies will scream that how could anyone be against something that’s for children. How about supporting lowering taxes so that we can take care of ourselves?Vail, Colorado

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