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Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Belief in the ResurrectionThere is more to understanding the Bible than merely memorizing the text and believing what you’re told. In many cases the author of the individual books is assumed or unknown, and although some books of the Bible are traditionally attributed to a single author, many are actually the work of multiple authors. Many of the books were written years, decades, even centuries after the events and people they chronicle. And these are just the books that were not excluded from the final canon by the Council of Nicea (a bunch of guys contracted by Constantine in circa 325 C.E.).As to the comment, “Pushing a sectarian religious view? The Old Testament is about Judaism, certainly not a sect of any other religion. The New Testament is about what would later be called Christianity. …” surely you realize that Judaism, Christianity and Islam all consist of numerous sects, all of which presume the rest are wrong on some point of theological minutia. And within some religions, Islam in particular, there are certain sects that so hate other sects of their own religion that they are willing to kill over their differences.Yes, absolutely, the Bible read by millions around the globe is “revised from its original form.” Unless you read Aramaic and ancient Greek, you are reading an interpretation of the original text into King James’ English (or the even less accurate but hip 1970s version, the “Good News Bible”).While “noteworthy scholars” may claim to know more about the original Biblical scriptures than ever before, such an assertion does not imply that this knowledge confirms any of the existing interpretations of the text. Contemporary theologians reading the exact same Bible can’t agree on what it means, so how can any “noteworthy scholar” claim to know Jack about Squat? Sounds like the making for another sect.And finally, please recognize that Homer’s “Iliad” was never peddled as the basis for a religion or even a philosophy, yet it was at least as popular. So before you try to impress us with the claims of “noteworthy scholars,” please remember: the difference between science and the fuzzy subjects is that science requires reasoning while those other subjects merely require scholarship. R.A.L.Re: The Monty Python solution”Nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced.” – Albert Einstein Re: Letter from IsraelEveryone seems to focus on the little innocent Lebanese civilians. Victims of war are on both sides of the fence, whether you like Israel or not. Re: Would you vote for a tax increase for early childhood programs?The results of this poll are pretty clear. We don’t want our Democrat county commissioners to have any more of our money to waste on babysitting other people’s children.Re: Would you vote for a tax increase for early childhood programs?What you should consider is that these children are going to be the people that decide whether you get a sweet and VIP service in your nursing home or if you get that 6-year-old mattress and blankets that was used by who knows how many people. These children are also the children that will run this world. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live in a giant poop hole because our nation’s children are uneducated. Just look at President Bush. He probably went to one of those low class preschools that didn’t have a lot of money. The man can’t even answer a question.Re: TipslineThis just occurred to me: If we build a wall on the American-Mexican border, who do you think they will get to build it? Mexicans. Kind of ironic, don’t you think?Re: Letters to the EditorThe suspects involved in the recent terrorist plot involving 19 men of Muslim origin ranging in age from 17 to 35. Does this sound at all familiar? WHY would anyone object to profiling?Here are the names: Abdula Ahmed Ali, Cossor Ali, Shaza Khuram Ali, Nabeel Hussain, Tanvir Hussain, Umair Hussain, Umar Islam, Waseem Kayani, Assan Abdullah Khan, Waheed Arafat Khan, Osman Adam Khatib, Abdul Muneem Patel, Tayib Rauf, Muhammed Usman Saddique, Assad Sarwar, Ibrahim Savant, Amin Asmin Tariq, Shamin Mohammed Uddin.Re: School to ask for $128 millionAttention Eagle County School Board: We not only want to see the budget, we want to see what you actually spent our money on. Stop asking for more money until you produce this information.The people of Eagle County need to stand united and vote this bond down. They are not listening, so why should we give them more money?Re: The Monty Python solutionYou can report every single employer to the IRS for cheating re taxes and illegals and you can go to http://www.numbersusa.com.It offers free direct links to our government, from the federal to state. Politicians really respond to votes and yes, “We will remember in November” that the politicians can count on.Vail, Colorado

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