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Hello, and welcome to a new feature of the Commentary section and Vail Daily Web site. On the Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here in old-fashioned print, this feature will take excerpts of the comments and print them.That said, here we go:Ingstead bullied out by MenconiOh boy. Start the countdown to the wheels falling off at Eagle County. Watch the resignations start. The scuttlebutt is that ever since Arn got the chairmanship, it’s been payback time. Well, payback is a bicth, and everyone who he thinks sided against him in the past is getting it with both barrels. Too bad the people he is gunning for are too professional to go to the press.Re: Ingstead bullied out by MenconiCongrats to Menconi and Runyon, real leaders! Let’s talk about bullies, Jack Ingstad! Finally the Eagle County careers and lives that Jack “the Ripper” has tried to destroy has been vindicated. Jack was a tyrant as a leader. Most all the quality professional county staff can rest easy now. Saddam has been removed from power. His temper, and manipulation are no more. Eagle County has lost a lot of good people because of his tyrannical management style. Eagle County is now not only a good place to live but it will now be a good place to work and do business.Re: Ingstead bullied out by MenconiSo we agree that Menconi forced Ingstead out. Good, have to start somewhere. Unfortunately, the rest of the ridiculous hyperbole in the post above doesn’t pass the sniff test. If Jack was such an awful administrator, why all the “Best Run County” awards?Ingstad storyBest Run County needs a consultant? Menconi wants to bring in a consultant to analyze one of the best-run counties in the nation!? If it ain’t broke, don’t waste my tax money! Must be a buddy of his from business school.Every path has misstepsWhile Butch (Mazzuca’s) analysis and summary of our critical misassessments in Iraq is incisive, he fails to hold the decision-makers concerned sufficiently accountable for their mistakes. Nor does he acknowledge that these mistakes were foreseen and that warnings went unheeded. Instead he chooses the well-worn argument that the media is complicit in aggravating our failures and that critics thus far have offered few alternative solutions.Interesting, though, that each of these “missteps along the path” was anticipated somewhere, by someone, in our much-disparaged media. Though he writes well, there’s not a point Butch makes that’s new – and so his analysis points not so much to unwitting or well-meaning mistakes realized in hindsight, but to clear and tragic character flaws in our current civilian leadership, flaws for which Iraqi citizens and our soldiers continue to pay.Certainly, our cause in Iraq as espoused is a noble one. But when we send our troops to do this work they are owed leadership which does not falter due to weaknesses like greed, hubris, ego, pride and inflexibility. Because of these weaknesses, this administration has continually failed to reassess and adapt accordingly (a basic tenet of Leadership 101).With Rumsfeld in particular, we saw this coming. The foresight WAS 20/20.In my view those ultimately responsible for “not supporting our troops” aren’t “liberals” or “the media” – but this administration.Re: Rape suspect hopes to avoid life sentenceI think it is dispicable that this creep who cannot even fathom the pain he has (allegedly) caused gets to tell his pathetic story in any sort of print. …Re: Rape suspect hopes to avoid life sentenceThis man should go to jail for life. I would say considering the (alleged) repeated sex offenses, burglary, and tresspassing should be enough for that. I believe when you (allegedly) violate an independent woman trying to make it in a new city, you take her anonymity. I hope he does not get off scott free.Re: Letters to the editor To the guy from Singletree who hates wild animals: Dude, try xeriscaping. Nothing is more ridiculous in a low alpine high desert environment than begonias and Kentucky bluegrass. Deer and foxes won’t eat cactus.Vail, Colorado

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