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Wisdom from the Web

Don Rogers

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Nordic walkingGreetings from Sydney, Australia. I was interested to learn that Vail folk are taking an interest in Nordic walking. By a strange coincidence, I wrote a story on that subject for The World’s First Multi-National e-Book. You can see it by clicking on http://www.bdb.co.za/shackle/articles/nordic_walking.htmCheers! EricRe: Letters to the editorDoes Mr. Dorsey have a solution to the health-care problem or just the usual liberal banter and complaining?Re: Mission in the kitchen Since these are obviously legal migrant employees and not illegal aliens, who are not screened for such things as Hep B, TB, etc., shouldn’t the companies that hire them and U.S. immigration officials are sure that they can read and comprehend English BEFORE they come to work here? Indirectly we all pay for this training. Not through tax dollars but through the restaurant owners passing the cost of this lady’s business onto the consumer, which is you and me. …Re: Floating a messageGreat article. We had so much fun marching in the parade. The people were so great and supportive. They even cheered as we sang! :-)Our best wishes to Vail this holiday weekend. We are so glad we chose your city for our 42nd annual meeting.Marty DavidoffAmerican Association of Attorney – Certified Public AccountantsRe: 4th of JulyKudus to the boys at Traer Creek and the Village at Avon. I noticed a brand new Old Glory waving proudly in the breeze on the 4th of July. Last year’s flag was getting a bit tattered, so the boys put up a new one just in time for the 4th of July. Thanks Magnus. It looks great! I just want you to know some of us are paying attention!Re: Flag faces off with freedom of speechFlag burning is an ineffective statement, but protected political free speech. It’s our protection of opinions we disagree with most that shows our understanding of the beauty of the 1st Amendment.Re: West Nile virus risk comes with skeetersLearn more about all types of encephalitis (including West Nile) from the people it has touched. Visit Encephalitis Global http://www.encephalitisglobal.com where encephalitis survivors, caregivers and loved ones share information and support every day.Wendy Station, president, Encephalitis Global Inc., EncephalitisGlobal@shaw.caRe: Barn returns, bigger and more expensiveMaybe they should have thought of that BEFORE they burned down the old, usable and immaculate barn.Of course, it is not their money they are planning on spending.Re: Little protection for gays in the workplaceGovernor Owens wrote in his veto: “The Colorado courts have ruled that homosexual employees who claim to have been fired because of their off-duty sexual conduct already have the right to sue their employers for money damages under this statute.” My comment: It is little justice to win a few thousand dollars in a lawsuit but still be without a job because of your sexual orientation. Bill Owens strained every argument he could find. But his bending to the right wing could not have been clearer in his overall message.Re: Barn returns, bigger and more expensiveAgricultural land is not open space. Ag land is privately held. Open space is usually in the public domain. Ag land is economically productive and contributes taxes on many levels. Open space does not. Ag land is used in the production of food, fiber or forage for profit. Open space is not.Open space attributes are an unintended consequence of ag production. You can look, but you can’t touch. Perhaps the millions for a barn should be paid directly to the ag community for its contribution to “open space.”The idea that construction of that barn will keep a single ag land owner in business is pure folly. Agriculture is first and foremost a business. Lifestyle comes after the bills are paid.Vail, Colorado

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