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On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Wisdom from the webRe: “Too bad Bush can’t run for another term. Can I get a second for changing the Constitution?!”The 18th Amendment (prohibition) was repealed by the 21st, so with enough support the 22nd (presidential term limits) could also be repealed. However, while I would enthusiastically support a third term for President Bush, our nation would not likely have survived another Clinton term. Be careful what you wish for.Re: Vail takes down Aspen for titleCongratulations to Vail on their win against Aspen and the resulting Mountain League title. We have followed your adroit reports through the season with great interest, (it has been one way of keeping in touch with what Craig (Cameron) and James (Worral) were up to), we almost feel we have watched the games ourselves. We hope that Vail Rugby continue with their winning ways and go from strength to strength. Good luck for the future!Neil & Joan (Cameron) Re: Charter school overlooks $250,000 obligationLet me tell you the story about two government entities who were approached by a group of citizens who wanted to start a school.One was delighted at such citizen initiative, and promptly assigned a staff person to work with them – not to take over the responsibility, but to help them wend their way through all the bureaucracy, meet filing deadlines, make sure all the I’s were dotted and the T’s crossed. Is this a fantasy, or is such government cooperation and support really possible? It’s called public service, I think.The other government entity was horrified that a citizen group was rocking the boat and trying to introduce something new. So they sat back, played passive-aggressive, and when the citizen group made a mistake, they leaped on them and cried, “Gotcha.”Now, which best describes your local government, and which kind would you like for your home town?Re: Charter school overlooks $250,000 obligationHey! How do I get a job signing contracts, making a $250,000 signing mistake, then run to my local municipality for help bailing me out? Oh, I forgot, it’s for the kids! Let’s hope the Stone Creek charter school teachers can set a better example than this.Re: Charter school overlooks $250,000 obligationWell, then they need to put some of that passion and determination to work and raise the security deposit. Stop whining! It is not sabotage. It is business. I know some of the council members, and you do them a great injustice to say that this is an attempt to sabotage. It is a business arrangement and Hammer screwed up by not reading the paperwork and re-negotiating before he signed the legal agreement. It is too late to change that since it is a legal document and HE signed it. Now is the time to rectify the problem by getting out there and raising the funds. In this valley, it is very do-able. But don’t blame the council of sabotage. They are acting as any responsible business would – protecting their constituents best interests. If you all start whining over something like this, just wait till the real work starts and you are in the midst of the real charter work. You all will self destruct. Hammer screwed up. Just fix it and move on.Re: Charter school overlooks $250,000 obligationAvon Town Manager Larry Brooks states “we need $250,000 to make sure we have the site back in equal or better condition.” What a sense of community they have for a public school down at Town Hall in Avon. First, they get a replacement piece of property for $10 a year from Traer Creek of the exact size as the one that Stone Creek is leasing from them for $21,000 a year, and second, they demand $250,000 cash in order for the property to be put back in better condition so they may use it for their public works facility in the future. Up until this point, this property was only used for dumping snow!I guess the town of Avon’s budget is hurting so bad that they must demand a small start-up public school give them a hand. But in reality, they have at least a $4,000,000 budget surplus. Way to go guys, stick it to the kids. I think I now clearly understand upon which side the problem lies concerning the ongoing battle between Traer Creek and the town of Avon. Time for some fresh faces at Avon Town Hall. We want our cheap gas station.Re: Eagle puzzled by probe of policeYou have to look outside the article. Inside the article it says they were not certified and come on do you really believe that they were working there and not writing tickets or making arrests. Ward has always been in a rush to do things so that he doesn’t have to work himselfRe: What makes a liberal or a conservative?Neo-con after neo-con reply to Alex’s fine piece and, unsurprisingly, not one of them seems to get the points. Alex decries not security efforts per se, but this regime’s M.O. of hurling massive amounts of men, money and materiel at certain security problems, behind which is only massive amounts of ignorance, arrogance and miscalculation. It’s as important to fight smart as it is to fight hard, don’t you think? Democrats may wind up making a hash of things too, but we could hardly do worse than the regressive, faith-based troglodytes we have calling the shots now. Re: Charter academy bows out of ballotUntil you have schools that force parents to behave as parents, we will continue to have failing schools in America. No amount of money buys parental responsibility. Just financial repercussions buy parental responsibility, so quit “fixing” the problem with a Band-Aid of taxpayer dollars. Look at the ECCA scores – in trailers, no libraries, no lunch rooms even when they were housed next to the poop plant.Re: TipslineIn response to the comment regarding MMES, “Whereas in the public school system, you don’t have a lot of parental involvement”: I don’t see Meadow Mountain’s name at all in that statement. Also, after reading the article many times, I see nothing at all “disparaging” about MMES. The only quotes about MMES are from teachers who have left the school. Is it shocking to you that those teachers who left MMES weren’t happy there? Do you think they would have left if they were happy? Is it a surprise to you that teachers are finally able to speak out against the district? Also, I wouldn’t call one person’s quote in the Vail Daily “proof positive” of anything! Stone Creek IS a public school.Vail, Colorado

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