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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here we print excerpts of those comments:Re: Mission in the kitchenThis is a wonderful business idea! And an immense contribution to the public welfare. If you look at the increasing Spanish-speaking population in the United States, ignoring something as vital as a language can mean wide-spread public consequences, such as improper food handling. Restaurants are thinking of YOU, the customer, when hiring Ms. Paradis to train their employees. Although these employees may not have spoken English as their first language, many of them DO in fact speak English, but training is more comprehensive and beneficial in one’s native language. It also ensures understanding. And these employees are willing AND able to perform the jobs, and perform them well.Re: West Nile virus risk comes with skeetersReaders may be interested to know that GenoMed, a St. Louis-based biotech company, is offering a free clinical trial against West Nile virus encephalitis for the third summer in a row. Our record currently stands at 12-3. Our approach uses already existing, very safe drugs, and may work for more than just the West Nile virus. Because of its possible applicability to many different viruses, it was written into BioShield II, which Senators Lieberman, Hatch and Brownback introduced into the U.S. Senate in late April.Anybody with a fever and flu-like symptoms who has been bitten by mosquitoes may have West Nile fever. We’d like to start treatment at this stage. About 20 percent of these patients progress to encephalitis, with severe headache and confusion, even coma. At the fever stage, please consider going to http://www.genomed.com and downloading the material for our WNV trial. Show it to your doctor, and you can start the trial.Dave Moskowitz, MD FACP, Chief Medical Officer & CEO, GenoMed Inc.www.genomed.comRe: Mission in the kitchenTo answer the guy that thinks this is just so neato to hire people that cannot read health department hygiene signs posted in Spanish/English and follow the rules of santary practices in our U.S. restaurants: We, the taxpayers, already pay for Health Department inspections. THEY require posting of all pertinent health hygiene practices now, both in English and Spanish. Go look. It just doesn’t work with hepatitis, among other diseases, when a person is completely illiterate. To be in the U.S. legally, one must read, write and speak English. …Re: Oh, those kids today!I agree with you, and then I read something like this from another so-called “kid re the bank robbers: Quote from Tipsline comment – “Don’t bring the stupid little pathetic points of the law into it. These two boys were innocent boys who just did something stupid. They tried something new …” He’s a good guy? Say whaaaat? Something new, innocent boys? Pathetic law? They were HEADING TO MEXICO with armed bank robbery cash in hand? If they are the good guys, we are in serious trouble. What is a true-blue bad guy like then? I shudder to think.Re: He’s already thereI agree that that letter was beautiful and moved me to tears. I know Jeff Koch and although he is a great guy, I never knew he had such heart until reading that article. GOD BLESS THEM BOTH!Re: Little protection for gays in the workplaceForcing businesses to suppress their convictions towards homosexuality (sexual perversion) is completely intolerant and unAmerican. Why do you plaster this rubbish on the front page and continue to pursue an issue supported only by a tiny few? … Vail, Colorado

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