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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily Staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here are excerpts of those comments:Re: Wisdom from the WebIn response to today’s Tipsline about the dog being hit and killed east of Eagle. Yes, the driver should have stopped. But what about the owner who let the dog loose? I am a dog owner and it breaks my heart to think of my dog being run over but the owner must take some responsibility too. It’s a two way street. Poor puppy.Re: Wisdom from the WebBank robbery: Are we supposed to feel sorry for the two Australians who robbed the bank from today’s Wisdom from the Web? PUH-LEASE. “The guy used to get into mischief a lot.” Well I guess he has never learned his lesson because now he is just in a whole lot more “mischief.” I would like to take a month long vacation on someone else’s dime but, even as a practical joker myself, I know the difference between RIGHT and WRONG and STEALING. Since i won’t rob a bank, I guess I need to continue WORKING to earn my money and take my vacation when I can. NO I WON’T FEEL SORRY FOR THESE TWO MISGUIDED YOUTHS. Lock em up.Re: Top o’ the news: Africa?Who is this guy Don Rogers? If he wants to write about worldly things he should move to New York and write for the New York Times. We don’t need to read about that stuff here in Happy Valley. Sound familiar, vis a vis the idiot who made the same remarks about Art Kittay? If you don’t care about what happens on our planet, then leave it.Re: Little protection for gays in the workplaceWhy should we only include gays in governmental benefits? What about two friends living together? How about two brothers, two sisters, cousins, or a guy and his dog? Or is sexual interaction a prerequisite for benefits?Re: Keep Eagle a communityWhat an absolutely misguided column. What poor shape our community must be in when the post office becomes the hub that keeps us in contact with our neighbors. It’s not a place that keeps a town feeling like a community, it’s the people.Eagle has grown so much in the last several years we have lost a lot of the community, even with the post office. The reason for this loss is the attitude of the people. What happened to the small, friendly town of yester year? When you actually met, got to know and became involved with your neighbors.Some say it’s the natural course of a growing town to lose the community. I say it’s due to society’s loss of common courtesy and christianity, not due to home delivery of mail.Re: How should the U.S. deal with illegal immigrants?We Americans have gone almost everywhere and tried to take what wasn’t ours and personally I believe that immigrants are only looking for a better life and we shouldn’t be selfish because in the end this is everyone’s country. It doesn’t belong to just a certain race.Re: Local charter school predominately whiteThe charter program is very popular with parents in this valley. Hundreds of parents apply. I’m curious why the district doesn’t replicate this obviously popular and successful program in other schools in the district. Most businesses jump at the opportunity to attract and retain happy customers. Why does the school district not jump on this opportunity?Re: Local charter school predominately whiteIf the charter school concept is so popular here in Eagle County, why is the school district not using the same program in some of the other schools in this valley? Most businesses jump on the opportunity to attract more happy customers. …Re: Local charter school predominately whiteMy kids went there. All Scott wrote in “Local charter school predominately white” is true. But by the word “minority” does he mean only the following: “American Indian or Alaska Native; Asian; Black or African American; Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander?” Because that is the only legal United States minority race descriptions allowed today. It does NOT include Hispanic and/or Latino. They are of an ethnic group only. Don Rogers’ kids are of the Irish ethnic group and are classified as white, as are Hispanics, with Irish and Latino ethnicity only.Vail, Colorado

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