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On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Letters to the EditorThis country was NOT founded on Christian or theist principles! Our founding fathers wisely defined a wall of separation between church and state. If you scour the constitution and bill of rights for religious references you will find nothing that invites religion and state to co-mingle in each others’ affairs. You WILL find two references prohibiting such interference.Freedom of religion means each individual may hold any beliefs he or she wishes without fear of reprisal or harm by others who may hold different beliefs, even no beliefs at all. The government is prohibited from mandating or barring religious beliefs and practices. The government cannot make any law respecting or prohibiting any religious establishment, and no religious test may be required of any political candidate.Islam, however, cannot tolerate this. In Islam, religion and government are one. There is no freedom of religion or anything else. All who do not embrace Islam are infidels, relegated to an underclass and are required to pay a tax to Islam, or die. Even the most fundamentalist of “right winger Christians” do not hold such militant beliefs. To claim otherwise is simply ignorant.Re: Libraries need to grow with townsThis may be sacrilegious, but why doesn’t the library district charge user fees to support some operating costs and expansion needs? It’s nice that all services are free, but is it right to ask the property owners to support this initiative when users could be paying a portion of the costs? I’m going to vote no until I see some user fees in place. Re: Yapping up a storm on the WebPoodles are considered “smart” only because they respond well to commands from their trainers. If they were independent and resisted the leash, we’d call them dumb and untrainable. “Dog smart” is not the same as “people smart,” and dogs can get away with certain behaviors that would never be tolerated in people.Being compared to a dog is not a compliment. For example, our politicians are like dogs because they do their business when and where they wish with no consideration for the people who must come behind them and clean it up. And the next time a dog licks your face, just think about where that tongue has been.Re: Letters to the Editor”The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either.” – Benjamin FranklinRe: Chance to put kids firstThanks for the clarification. There is plenty of detail to the plan. I don’t see what the complaint is about the lack of detail. Those that can’t see what 1A will do don’t want to for their own personal reasons. 1A will do good things for children. If it makes Menconi look good, too, than too bad, get over it and do what is right for the kids.Re: Yapping up a storm on the WebDon’t be surprised, Don Rogers, when this “small group of folks” turn out in force on election day and defeat both the nanny tax and home rule.Re: Yapping up a storm on the WebThanks, Don Rogers. That is great pre-coffee humor for my morning!Re: Preparing tea for the massesAs the designated DHB maker of our family, I feel your pain! Though I don’t see as many men getting into tea (at the moment, but they will be assimilated), I was excited to read your article. My preteen son’s name is Alex and I am bringing him up in this wonderful tradition, and he loves it. Sometimes, just for fun, we put on an British accent whilst we make our favorite blends.Sounds like you have a great family and be encouraged that you are making memories for your family and yourself, because you are so right… the day is all too soon when we will have fewer cups to fill.Kim from D.C.Re: Libraries need to grow with townsAs a conservative, I still like to read books and I like libraries. The towns should shoulder more of the responsibility for their libraries. Re: Not all black and whiteWait a minute. Butch Mazzuca is accusing The New York Times of cherry-picking, but not the Bush administration? The Bush administration ignored virtually all the advice from their chosen experts who warned against invading Iraq (or at least warned against invading Iraq without proper troop levels), but The Times is the cherry-picking traitor? Richard Clarke was ORDERED by President Bush to find a Saddam-9/11 link when there was none, fired when he couldn’t bend the facts to fit Bush’s skewed version of reality, but The Times is the cherry-picker? Bush lied and lied and cherry-picked his way into invading the wrong country and then let Osama go, but it’s The New York Times we should be mad at here? The Bush administration sets up staged media events everywhere they go to continue to lie to the American people, they pick the questions, they cherry-pick the information, but The Times is the cherry picker? OK, I get it now, give me that Kool-Aid.Re: Letters to the Editor1A is not the cure all that the supporters make it out to be. They talk like not only is it a silver bullet, but it’s also the cheapest silver bullet ever designed. Say no to 1A. Say no to government day camps.Vail, Colorado

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