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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Resort, residents debate alpine slideI’d just like to ask the homeowners in Beaver Creek that are against the alpine slide because it would “disturb the natural beauty” of the place to please tell me how a ski resort that millions of trees were cut down to create, plus golf courses, plus a Disneyesque base village, plus golf courses and hundreds of 10,000-square-foot houses can be considered “natural”? I think your argument fails right there. …Re: Cops doling out more traffic ticketsWant safer roads? Then just refix I-70. I hope that this summer’s paving company wasn’t paid. Instead of fixing the road, thay have made it into a death trap. The chance of hydroplaning is a given now with the poor surfacing job. Now with snow and ice. Oh, boy. Re: Cops doling out more traffic ticketsThat’s one way to pay for the tunnel project. Re: Gypsum kids dissecting catsI was absolutely disgusted with the pictures of the dead cats that these children were dissecting. Along with that, was written commentary about one “removing the skin from the head,” etc. A good story could have been told without the gross and hideous pictures. Not only am I a cat lover and have four of my own, this was ridiculous journalism and photojournalism. And besides that, isn’t it illegal to use cats and dogs for experiment these days?Re: Facing the facts of climate change”A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” – LeninAlan Braunholtz’s statement, “The earth is as warm as it’s been in the last 10,000 years,” is not really true. Actually, there was a period in history from the 10th to the 14th century called the medieval warm period when the globe was approximately 1°C warmer than it is today. There were vineyards in Britain and Greenland was green. There is other evidence that show there were similar effects in other parts of the world. The problem with saying that the increase of CO2 is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect is problematic since water contributes over 70 percent of all greenhouse effects. From the clouds that limit the amount of the sun’s energy that reaches the ground to the water vapor in the air that slows the loss of heat to space. There are so many variables in any discussion of climate change that the computer models can’t take them all into account. The computer models can’t even accurately forecast weather patterns of the next few months much less over decades. Since there is only reasonably accurate weather data over the last 100 to 150 years, it is hard to get an accurate picture of what climate change there really is. … Dan H.Re: Eagle teen struck, killed by ambulanceJoseph was a loving kid. Yeah, he had some problems, but I mean who didn’t? Joe was probably, I would have to say, my best friend. He was loving to those who loved him and he stood up for what he believed in. He had potential in everything he set his mind to. I know he is in heaven because he was a caring and free-spirited person.We will all miss him dearly! I give my thoughts and prayers to his family.Layna Siminoe Re: TipslineDear Mr. Kolakowski: Go for it! Jake brakes have been an issue on Village Road for two years and our community took it to the only local (i.e., not county level) governing body we have a true voice in – our metro board – and had them banned. I suggest you take the issue up with the appropriate authorities who govern the roads you speak of and not aim threats at us that you will stop the trucks. We are part of your community and I am certain you will find us good partners for working toward a safer, quieter community.Otis HoffmanRe: Boys harriers take it allCoaches Parish and Witter are two of the best things to ever happen to Battle Mountain High School. My family will remember this wonderful team experience our son has been a part of for the rest of our lives.Re: Taxes can win war on terrorYou make a valid point, but there are those who refuse dialogue on either side of the aisle. You have to acknowledge that. More so, you’re right that it is just sometimes impossible to dialogue with some people. Hence, my life every day on this Web site and elsewhere. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try to be objective and at the least put your own views in a good light. Sorry, guy, that does mean refraining from saying “Good Old Perverts,” Bush bashing, and the like. Think about it.Vail, Colorado

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