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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Moderates to settle electionMan, and I thought I was cynical.Re: Letters to the Editor”Nearly all newspapers endorse candidates and issues in their opinion sections, and have for a very, very long time. It’s not exactly something unusual.”That may be true, Don Rogers. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right. It’s fine for individual commentators to endorse people but not the newspaper as a whole. To me, that’s unethical. My main point still stands: What’s so wrong with “We report, you decide”?Re: Roundup of recommendationsIs your name Borat? Did you just come to this country? Newspapers have been endorsing candidates since Aaron Burr dropped Alexander Hamilton by the river. I for one think they got them all right.Re: Child-care tax fills voting boothsInteresting how selfish the “I already raised my kids” crowd is. Unfortunately they don’t understand that raising good kids benefits the entire community, even them. Too bad they only see the dollar signs today and not how it will make their lives better in the future. Bummer.Re: Our View: Ritter for governorWell, it’s 11:pm and I’m looking at the Colorado and national results, and I do believe that the Repubs are ones doing the crying. Re: Child-care tax fills voting boothsThe greatest generation made it too easy on their children, so they believe that they are entitled to government support for their lavish lifestyles. Re: Cops: Edwards man accused of rapeTaken from the Vail Daily, Tuesday, Front Page, and Page A13: “Cops: Edwards man accused of rape”: “We are not here to take your money. We are here to clean your house, the hotel you stay in, wash the dishes of the restaurant where you eat and yes, build your home, too – jobs that nobody else will do because they are hard and dangerous. Why don’t you think of that?”I believe that it is not a matter of Hispanics vs. Anglos-whites-blacks-Indians or who was here first. I believe that it is a matter of who is here legally. I believe that when you say “we,” you mean illegal, and when you say “you(r)” you mean me.I believe that “we” intentions are for self preservation. I believe that illegal immigrants are not here to take my money, but they do, and they are. I believe that on May 1 (a day without immigrants) Edwards Elementary School had five children in one third-grade class, and Berry Creek Middle School had 35 students in the entire sixth grade. I believe the schools would not be begging for tax increases to build new schools if they weren’t overcrowded by the offspring of Illegal Immigrants. I believe the children would be able to get a better education if the classes didn’t have to wait for the non-English-speaking children to learn the academics, as well as language they should have by kindergarten. I believe that I could go naming items such as law enforcement, health care, and many other services that Illegal Immigrants use and think that because they pay sales tax they have done their civic duty, but it wouldn’t be anything that everyone doesn’t already know.I believe what riles me the most is when I hear anyone say that Illegal Immigrants are doing me a service. I know that no cheap labor has ever cleaned my house, or for that matter built it (as I did that myself). I know that I have cleaned others’ houses. I have worked in a restaurant, and yes even as a dishwasher. I know that I would work in a hotel or any other job that may be hard, dangerous or disgusting, provided that the pay was there. I believe that an employer would much rather pay an expendable employee that could claim “exempt” or “married +20 kids” on his W4, so he could support his family with no intentions of filling on April 15. I believe that individual could hold up in a house of 20 like persons and pay his share of rent (approximately $100), where as I must pay mortgage of 10 times that because I love my home land and intent to stay here forever. …Quiesce PerquisiteRe: Nice to have that behind usAmen, let’s all shake hands and go skiing. Yee Haa.Vail, Colorado

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