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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Voters nix early childhood taxI think it failed because no one could explain what exactly would the money be used for. I even listened to Arn on the radio and he couldn’t explain it himself. He kept saying that early child hood development is very important, which we all know, but that is just general rhetoric.I have an 18-month-old son and my wife is expecting another child, so I tried to understand it and tried to read about 1A everything I could find. Half of it did not make any sense and from what I gathered from the rest it looked like our family would not receive any real benefits from it. Nothing! No help in paying for day care. We already have health insurance, so that part seemed useless, too. It said they would raise teachers’ salaries and hire more of them, but why would you need a special proposition for that?None of it made much sense to me, so I voted against it. Re: Children’s programs may still find fundsHey, save your breath, man. This lunatic and the rest of his party have no clue where the money comes from. Because if he did, he would listen to the people who provided it. We’ll all be watching very closely what reckless Arn Menconi is going to do here. Re: Letters to the EditorWhen Vail Resorts moved out of town, they lost touch with our community. Mr. Katz and his ego seem to be at war with local residents. He wants people to know that “there is a new sheriff in town.” It was a mistake for VR to move their headquarters and it is a mistake for them to immediately start a war with the Beaver Creek homeowners. Looks like the beginning of a downhill slide to me.Re: Comeuppance served coldThe biggest losers locally were the Vail Daily and the elite snobs. Look back at the full page ads and see which referendums they endorsed and lost. Steve Gall and Don Rogers both personally and as a paper endorsed 1A. Vail Resorts and the Vail Daily both endorsed home rule. Some humility is in order, Don. Pete Buckley exposed the Avon Town Council openly, not secretly as you imply. That took a lot of courage. Your snide remarks are that of something far less. Re: Eagle County turns a deeper blue”Welcome to the People’s Republic of Eagle County”? Just a tad bitter about the Democratic win, are we? Listen, if you really feel that way, there’s a great little place called Colorado Springs you can move to. You’ll be right at home there, with all the other bitter conservatives, gay-bashers, and democracy-haters. Maybe you can interview for Ted Haggard’s old job while you’re down there. Seems you’ve got the right outlook!Re: Comeuppance served coldRe: “Maybe the (GOP) party can patch up its leaky boat with a little more focus on historic principles and a lot less recklessness – fiscally as well as in nearly every other way.”Closing the borders was the key, not the war, despite what the media says.Vail, Colorado

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