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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily Staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here are excerpts of those comments:Re: Wisdom from the WebTo the lady or gentleman commenting on, “Migrant brings his family to Colorado”: That’s right, dim-witted people do start to believe anything said enough times. Like people commenting in the news. We have been working, living, and making money off of immigrants for who knows how long now, and now that enough of you are saying this and that about immigrants, it’s starting to catch on. just like African Americans, then Italians, then Cubans, then Muslims. Catch my drift? This man who brought his family from Mexico, who did say “Colorado was a part of Mexico,” was right. This really has no meaning nowadays and I’m sure this wasn’t his last comment in his interview. Some people just like to get a controversial story out. Immigrants don’t take Americans’ jobs. If an illegal and a citizen apply for a job, are you telling me the illegal’s the one going to be employed? Of course not. These hard workers can’t be hated because they are the only ones who stick with these jobs. I’ve seen this all over the valley. So thank you for your time, and please, there are worse problems with the criminals who enter the U.S. illegally, not the ones who come here to work every day.Re: Editor’s Blog, Top o’ the news: AfricaThe attitude of the writer who claims that we don’t need to know about anything outside Happy Valley scares me. Ignorance may be bliss, but it’s still ignorance.Re: Helping fix the Third WorldMy name is Jacki Rinehart and I grew up in the neighborhood Tat used to live in, in Canton, Ohio. Foxchase! I have been trying to get in touch with his step-daughter, Emily Malcuit for years! Can’t find her. If anyone could get this message to Tat (Dr. Tetsumi) and have him reply, that’d be wonderful. It’d make my year! jackirinehart111@hotmail.com Thank You!!!Re: How should the U.S. deal with illegal immigrants?Get involved couch potatoes! http://www.teamamericapac.org/index.shtmlRe: How should the U.S. deal with illegal immigrants?Why do illegal aliens create a civil war? They just come for a better life, just like my ancestors did when they came from Europe! And why use the military and weapons against civilians? Tou right wing extremists are really insane. People like you create a racial war!Re: Prestigious schools lack diversityMaybe it is due to the fact that there is a higher percentage of white parents willing to take an active role in their children’s education than other racial groups of people. If we want to see public education strive once again we need people of color to place a higher commitment to the education of their children than they presently do. I think you need to change your wording in the article: Prestigious? I really don’t think so. Our charter school is in temporary buildings.Segregation: There are no walls or rules in place to keep out any child due to race. All it takes is commitment.Re: Replacing Justice O’ConnorWhat happened to the old Democrat stance on the litmus test and the filibuster? It’s no wonder the Democrats are known as the flip-floppers!Re: A REALLY big problemEven though I’m against the big box in Eagle, I love (Butch Mazzuca’s) perspective. When you step back from Earth and get the big picture, you realize that we’re just as irrelevant as an ant on an ant hill.Vail, Colorado

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