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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Voters nix early childhood taxI have a question for you all. Why is it that our generation was raised 100 percent without any preschools as we sat in classrooms with 30 or more students per teacher (“overcrowding” today) and we not only survived, we walked away with a much finer education than this latest group of students? Ever wonder about that? If not, you should.Re: Hopes for new sidewalks, rec centerHow about this? Minturn annexes the Ginn development. The next day, Meadow Mountain slides and buries the town under 200 feet of mud. Bobby Ginn immediately begins subdividing this new land for more McMansions and another golf course! There’s nothing like selling your soul for a rec center and new sidewalks. Just ask Gypsum.Re: Eagle teen struck, killed by ambulanceJoseph CreekBy: Layna SiminoeHe was youngHis life had just begunAll of a sudden it was taken awayI didn’t even get to say the things I wanted to sayOnly if God could seeHow he could of turned out to beHe wasn’t the only one to payI still cry to this dayHe would have been 17 this yearSometimes I envision him in my mindAs clear as I would in a mirrorI only hope he knowsthat no matter where in life I goI love him so muchI only wish I could feel his touchOnly if God could seeHow much he meant to meWhy won’t the sorrow disappear?Why can’t I stop shedding the tears?I never told him how much I caredor how much I enjoyed the things we sharedAll of mind is filled with hateBecause I never told him of my loveand now it’s too lateSometimes I feel he’s hereI hope he knows he was so dearFor he’d be alive todayand I wouldn’t think of reasons “Why?” to sayRe: Wisdom from the Web”Closing the borders was the key, not the war, despite what the media says.”You were right in debunking that other person’s comment, but to take yours a bit further, I would argue that the issue was terrorism and the U.S. role in international affairs that trumps the border and the war. But you are right, don’t listen to the media. That includes the dangerously biased Vail Daily.Re: We order you to do whatever you wantAs a liberal, I’ve never had to have pious people tell me to not do drugs, kill people, burn the flag, become a sexual deviant, etc. I just don’t because I don’t, my inner compass was set straight by lucky genes and smart, liberal parents. It’s too bad that conservatives have such little self-control that they think their lives will devolve into moral anarchy if James Dobson or President Bush isn’t telling them what to do minute by minute. Anarchy? Not really. It’s just common sense, which the Republican party just lost it’s claim to.Re: High time for moderate courseRon Wolfe is a RINO. Republican In Name Only. Anyone who supports the likes of Arn Menconi is no Republican. Change your party affiliation, Ron.Re: Clean campaigning the winnerSurprise, surprise the blue Eagle County elects a Democrat. Her winning has little to do with those fliers and negative campaigning, but more so the fact that this county is heavily liberal. Don’t mask the truth, Don Rogers.In another example, Marilyn Musgrave (R) ran horrid negative campaign ads against the Democrat Angie Paccione. Guess who won in that highly Republican district, despite the thrashing induced to Angie? You guessed, the Republican won.The ideals prevail in either district and situation, not because of the negative campaigning. Re: Critter cams track Vail Pass wildlifeCitizens Against Government Waste, a 1-million member lobbying group based out of Washington, D.C., has this project in their sights. Strikes me as a total boondoggle, too, frankly. Think of all the existing underpasses on I-70 where animals can cross the highway. Building a bridge over it is duplicative and just plain silly. Furthermore, where this is really needed is Wolcott or Gypsum, but that’s private land there so building a bridge there was abandoned.Vail, Colorado

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