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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Three cheers for Rumsfeld’s resignation”The total budget for defense this past year was $420 billion , a whopping 19 percent of the total budget.” So what do you propose, Dana Jurich? We give our soldiers sticks and rocks to protect you with? Only 19 percent, according to your statistics? Do the math then for total GDP, I say give at least 19 percent if it means protecting me and my family!”That’s no way to make friends. But then, that wasn’t Donald’s concern.” See, what you fail to comprehend is that why should we the United States give the responsibility of protecting us to any other nation? Walking down the street in New York at 2 in the morning, do you trust any other person to help you while getting mugged? No, and in the same way, the United State’s job is to look out for the United States, not relying on Australia to catch up with us in the “new space race.”… Apparently you missed the memo about there being Al-Quida in Baghdad pre-9/11. In fact there was a top Al-Qaeda official having leg surgery in Baghdad during that time! No Al-Qaeda in Iraq? Hardly. Whether there was a tangible link, who knows? But surely Saddam, as any good Muslim would, gave his blessing at the very least to what Al-Qaeda is all about. But I don’t blame you, the liberally biased media didn’t report that story. Even if there was no Al-Qaeda in Iraq then, there sure are now. Go where the enemy is, Dana, and the enemy is in Iraq. Perhaps you should go over there yourself. …Re: Letters to the editor… “God-given path of homosexuality.” We can debate all day as to whether people are or are not born with homosexuality, so I will refrain. But I will bring up this point. Let’s say a person had alcoholic parents, which studies show, the child would then be genetically inclined to alcoholism. So perhaps the person is a “born alcoholic.” That does not mean this sin of abusing alcohol is right. In the same way, a homosexual may be (or I would argue are not) born that way does not make the sin right. We all sin. It is simply a matter of recognizing and then taking steps to overcome the sin. God does not allow us sin that we cannot overcome. That, my friend, is where Jesus comes in. That is neither fear nor ignorance, just simply the way it is.”Does this mean every biblical sin, such as anger or drunkenness should be so weighted?” … All sins are seen the same way in the eyes of God. None are more or less worse. But thankfully, the sins that we all commit, whether lying or murder, are forgiven through Jesus. It’s simply a matter of believing that.You’re right about one thing though, friend. Jesus would love and understand you. But there is a two-way street involved, too. Where there is love and understanding on Jesus’ part, there is also obedience and belief on our parts. And that includes striving to be Christlike, not living in sin and darkness. Good dialogue! Tony LombardoRe: Laos: Bribes and bumpy roadsExcellent update. Please post more about the Mekong River between Stung Treng and Phnom Penh.Re: D.R.: Consultants have their way with usPerhaps this consultant can help make the paper and particularly Matt and Alex less liberally biased. Or at the very least, get their facts straight. Just because it’s in the opinion section doesn’t justify false facts and lying. Re: W., Darth bring out our worstYou’re right, the folks with steam coming out their ears accusing Z of “spewing hatred” every time he mentions your beloved G-Dub are probably just a bunch of free-love socialists from Boulder. Ya really got me there! LiberaleliteVail Daily, Vail Colorado CO

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