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Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Letters to the Editor”Lopsided editorial”: Mr. Forestmann hit the prov-eribal nail on the head when he commented on your recent editorial. Any educated member of our society knows “good journalism” must be fair and balanced! Not one-sided and biased. Next time please read the official record before you attempt to report on matters of major concern to your readers. Your failure to do so may cost the paper to lose 2,000 readers.No one wants to read an editorial which appears to have been bought and paid for by Vail, which arrogantly believes it can bargain away its right to construct an alpine slide in exchange for development rights it did not have, and then use media connections to recapture the right it relinquished.Equally significant, do you honestly believe an alpine slide should be constructed on a conservation easement in sight and sound of residential homes, whose owners were promised by Vail Realtors before their purchase that their views would remain forever?Please learn the undisputed facts, correct your editorial and prove to your readers that your paper is not controlled by Vail but operates impartially in the “no spin zone”!AnonymousRe: Three cheers for Rumsfeld’s resignationI already served in Iraq … . I spent 13 months fighting those terrorists. Why don’t you go spend some time in uniform before you start throwing your your liberal drivel. Whether you agree with him or not, Rumsfeld is a patriot. Re: Here’s to you, conservativesStand up for traditionalism? I’m going to stand up for a return to liberalism as the dominant political force in America, balanced by an active but less influential conservative minority. I think America works best this way. And conservatives, please don’t try and define for us what “liberalism” is, because until you stop letting yourself be brainwashed by Faux News, Anne Coulter, and Rush, you won’t even have the faintest idea of what that means. LiberaleliteRe: Laos: Bribes and bumpy roadsAs you might have known, all French colonial countries are poor and undeveloped. With its occupation policy – dividing for easier controlling – France never did anything to develop its colonial countries, including Laos.Forget about business, trade, finance, economy, technical, medical schools. All we have are elementary, secondary and administration schools (scarcely available, and with special skill in corruption and coup d’etat).So, unlike England, what France left to its former colonies is poverty, controversy and suffering.Re: But … it’s how they do it in New York!Great article! The writings of Clair Smith are humorous and entertaining. I’d like see more of her commentary included in the Vail Daily. Perhaps a weekly column. Karen Hart, Grand JunctionRe: Letters to the EditorDon Rogers is only representing the interests of his paper’s largest advertisers. That’s it. Anyone who saw his paper’s political endorsements from the election a few weeks ago knows this. He and his paper are for sale. Bought and paid for by the Vail Daily’s real estate advertisers. Nothing complicated here. Time to wake up, folks.Re: Letters to the EditorWell, for those people who saw the print edition of the Daily (Tuesday) can see on page A-11 what advertising dollars can buy. Both the managing editor and the assistant managing editors of the Vail Daily are quoted in VR’s misleading full page ad (complete with Photoshopped versions of the slide and a Haymeadow that never has looked like that). Funny that this full page ad – no doubt costing VR a pretty penny – appears in the Vail Daily on the eve of the commissioners’ vote on the homeowners’ appeal. Their PR campaign has been nothing less than an attempt to get evidence into a closed commissioners’ hearing record. Evidence their attorneys failed to produce on Oct. 16 and evidence that is suspect and misleading at best.Face it everyone, VR is intellectually dishonest and these are not facts. If, as Mr. Katz, proclaimed on CPR today there are “many many alpine slides in America and Europe,” then the BCRC ought to be held accountable for allowing Vail Resorts to destroy the uniqueness of Beaver Creek. It will be just like every other resort, as Mr. Katz states. Therefore, if the board of directors of the Beaver Creek Resort Corporation does not stop this slide, the directors will have failed in their fiduciary duty to uphold the covenants.According to his recent testimony in another matter, Mr. Katz stated numerous times he did not read the 1994 PUD that is the subject of this dispute. Today on “Colorado Matters” on CPR, Mr. Katz made a boatload of other disingenuous statements regarding the Haymeadow:(1) There are concerts there. No, they are on the apron in front of McCoy and in front of the BC Club. Concert ads don’t say “open air concert on Haymeadow.”(2) He also said there are other activities such as bungee jumping, rock climbing and putt putt. Not true and he knows it.(3) He also said that there is construction going up the Haymeadow road (Cinch). Cinch is a mountain access road no different that Dally. Shall we now build an alpine coaster on Harrier because Dally was used for construction?(4) He also said there is a maintenance shed on Haymeadow. Not true as to the open space. The shed is nestled in the forest along Cinch and no one can hear or see it.(5) He also said there are stables on the Haymeadow. Big deal! That’s one of the enumerated uses in the 1994 PUD that Mr. Katz did not read. So what does he know about the Haymeadow? Nothing!Best of all, Mr. Katz and his minions continue to state that an overwhelming number of guests have stated in their surveys that they want more activities for kids. Show us the proof! Vail Resorts will not share its marketing surveys with the homeowners, even though through their financing support of the BCRC they pay for VR’s marketing of BC! The surveys disclosed each month to the Beaver Creek Metro Board show otherwise. They show that many people believe there is too much noise and congestion up here already. We have read repeated comments that guests have so much to do up here. The guest survey from one month this summer had a comment from a couple that comes to BC frequently to escape the city.So, Vail Resorts wants the commissioners and the community to believe Mr. Katz et al have nothing but the good of the community and their guests at heart. Bull! They could care less about us. They only care about revenues and selling off the resorts when the time is right.No doubt people will remember Billy Joel’s famous song “Allentown.” It’s about the steel industry’s desertion of a company town. Wait until VR dumps the Eagle Valley in search of real estate conquests elsewhere. Vail Daily, Vail Colorado CO

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