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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Bravo! opens with a bangFreud, As much as the athletes and coaches laugh, become frustrated, and mock/praise you after interviews, none of them wanted you to stop with the sports and start with the entertainment reviews. I read your article on the Bravo! performance and it was better than expected, but Ididn’t enjoy it as much as Chow-time, the Andy Banner Files, and The Mandarin Orange Man articles you’ve written in the past. Mr. Freud, you are a well-known sportswriter in the valley, don’t disappoint all those sports fans by writing reviews like that. We want your witty side comments and sports lingo in the SPORTS section. How goes it on the new athletic director for Battle Mountain? We’ve been looking forward to your interpretation of that whole situation.A FREUD FANSo much for Vail unityThe fact that The Vail Town Council just chose an independent brochure distribution company that has no experience in front desk sales nor resort sales … over the respected, experienced, longstanding Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau is the most absurd thing I have ever seen. So much for “one valley unity” and direct lodging bookings. Vail, surrounding communities in the entire valley and, more importantly, our guests will suffer severely with this poor decision.”Liberal” not a dirty wordI love the way people like Terry Quinn spit out the word “liberal” like it’s an epithet. If they say it enough, perhaps it will strengthen their bankrupt arguments. Maybe writing letters to the editor lends some excitement to lives grown empty and stale with self-seeking.Despite the fact that he is able to afford living in the Eagle Valley, he, like other conservatives, suffers from poverty of the soul. He can’t figure out why to support programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. We have so much here, yet for people like him it’s impossible to conceive of why, or how, to share. But God forbid he should ever become destitute and ill or lose his retirement fund. Perhaps conservatives like him who lack even a modicum of compassion are only capable of learning experientially.That darn liberal leftI love the way the liberal left spit out the words “spend, spend, spend …,” saying (wah, wah, wah), “But God forbid he (Terry Quinn) should ever become destitute and ill or lose his retirement fund. Perhaps conservatives like him who lack even a modicum of compassion are only capable of learning experientially” does NOT answer the questions: Who is paying for this? What exactly will we pay for? … Re: Editor’s Blog, What’s your world?Don: Out of curiosity, what is the difference between focusing on Israel and Palestine, or focusing on the United States and illegal immigration? Both are important national issues with long-term repercussions and both are decidedly their very own issue in their very own locations. “Myopic,” if you will.You, Don Rogers, wrote: “Is it as narrow as many of our Tipsline callers seem to see it – all roundabouts and immigrants?” … and continuing on regarding the roundabout/illegal alien clan (cult, I remember your words) “suffers from an incredible myopia …”Well ya know what, D.R.? My world is big. I see beyond “la la la, I live in Utopia Happy World Eagle County, la la la.”What I see will change the face of America (allowed and condoned illegal immigration here with Bush’s blessings). What Art Kittay sees will change the face of Israel (allowed and condoned Palestinian hostilities with Bush’s blessings). For good, for bad, I don’t know for sure regarding the changes. I do know for sure that these issues will change our nation, and change the world as we know it today. And with those changes will come a change for your la la ignorant “Happy Valley” little piece of the nation. La la Vail Valley is not exempted from the big ol’ world. Neither are these issues “meaningless to the lives we lead here and now,” as you also wrote here. They will, down the road, impact here. Our country’s political decisions, other nation’s decisions will impact la la Happy Valley. Economically and demographically. Which in turn changes our very lives, our very existence, in Happy Valley. …Bicycles vs. carsSunday! Sunday! Sunday! It’s Biff Spandex versus Ford Expedition! Biff Spandex is out in front and Ford Expedition is closing in fast. Suddenly, Mini Cooper pulls in front of Biff, causing Biff to swerve in front of Ford. Oh no! There’s a collision! Ford 1. Biff 0.Bicyclists don’t get it. Although they have as much a right to use the roadways as automobile drivers, they must remember that cars and SUVs are bigger than bikes. E=mc2! Automobile drivers have enough difficulty seeing motorcycles, let alone bicycles. When the oblivious bicyclist eventually collides with any car, the car will be victorious. Unfortunately, the driver will be held accountable. THIS is why drivers get so angry with bicyclists. …Re: Editor’s Blog, The Celtic seedInteresting letter in The North County Times July 9: “Friedman’s assessment of Ireland flawed.”Thomas Friedman is often wrong, but he has never been more wrong than in his assessment of why the economy of the Irish Republic is relatively robust (“The end of the rainbow,” June 30). Friedman claims that the keys to Ireland’s success are free education and a nationalized health-care system. Blarney! He seems not to know that among the countries of Western Europe free education and free health care are rather commonplace. These forms of socialism do not actually produce higher standards of education or larger numbers graduating, and certainly not a healthier population. The major reasons any economy flourishes are twofold: First, they have comparative real advantages of one sort or another, such as lower wage rates or material/energy accessibility vis-a-vis other economies with which they compete. Second, they have less-punitive tax burdens on the people and on business activities that lead to wealth creation. Friedman acknowledges the latter, but only as a sort of afterthought. He lauds the socialistic aspects of Ireland, but like many liberals he improperly attributes to them values and outcomes that simply do not bear scholarly scrutiny. DR. A. KEITH BARNES, Professor emeritus, University of Redlands.Re: Local trying to get a smooth village path Why is a retrofit of Vail Village cobblestones a surprise to town leaders? Where’s the planning here? What a waste of money to have to go in and redo the cobblestones. I support the cause. I am lamenting the lack of planning when it comes to spending public dollars on obvious needs!Vail, Colorado

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