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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Vail’s hybrid bus quietly goes into serviceGreat idea! Way to go, Vail.Re: Not all Coloradans are fit and healthyDo you think perhaps the lack of a mom or dad to take their young children to the park and play during the day, or out sledding, or snowshoeing or just hiking in the forest “just because” plays any role in these obese children of yours? Am I the only mother who welcomed summertime with her children? Is my husband the only father who fishes, camps, hunts, plays sports, coaches sports and still works full time is the only dad out there like that? Parents, open your eyes. Parenting, being parents, is 100 percent the reason my children are not fat. Daycare, Arn-style is no answer. Neither is removing junk food from school. Do you think that taking away all sweets makes them the forbidden fruit? Because parents, when your deprived children come to my house they inhale, and I mean inhale, any candy my children have left from the holidays. My kids think candy is no big deal. It is no big deal to them because it has never been any big deal to me. Eat your fruit, eat your veggies, and play outside a lot. And I then say eat away with the junk stuff. Re: Alpine slideThe Vail Valley is becoming more like a suburb of Denver! Parents should take the kids for a hike. You can find a slide somewhere else. The Berry Creek Equestrian Center will soon become more buildings. Please start preserving some land! Down with the slide and up with enjoying what the valley is supposedly known for!Re: Three cheers for Rumsfeld’s resignationI would like to commend the person who spent 13 months in Iraq fighting “those terrorists” for his-her patriotism and sense of duty. I’m absolutely certain you are a fine person and truly thought you were fighting for the right cause. On that note, I have a few questions that perhaps you, or someone else can clear up for me.1) I spent two tours in Southeast Asia in ’72-’74 fighting for what I thought the “patriots” in Washington, D.C., “knew was the right path.” History tells me that the patriotic politicians were not only wrong, but incredibly greedy, incredibly dishonest and had no sense of honor. My question is this: Why did 57,000-plus patriotic young Americans and who knows how many Vietnamese have to die before the wise men of Washington found a way out of what was always the wrong thing to be doing?2) Why is it that “terrorists” are always the people who are fighting to keep control of their own country and destiny (indigenous “Americans” north and south, Palestinians, Leb-anese, Armenians, Alg-erians, Indonesians, Iraqis, Afghanis, etc.), and the “patriots” are always the people with the most money, arms, and media coverage, or a big brother to back their every move?3) Why is it that the majority of the politicians who legislate the wars don’t send their own sons and daughters to fight alongside the patriots who volunteer?4) Why is it that the old men and women legislate the wars and leave the young to fight them?5) Why is it that one who doesn’t advocate war to solve the world’s problems or press their way of life on another is branded a liberal, and the one who does is called a patriot?6) How many more young people are going to have to die to defend the Beltway Brother/Sisterhood’s lies and bad decisions?There is nothing wrong with patriotism. It is admirable and desirable, but the things that make a true patriot are the same things that make a good human being: honesty, humility, and accountability.Buddy Doll Re: Haymakers over the HaymeadowMr. Rogers, you have completely lost your credibility. Your continued insults are being hurled at a community you don’t even know. If your paper was a subscription-based paper, you could not continue your personal attacks on the Beaver Creek residents and your completely one-sided support of Vail Resorts. How about a little journalistic integrity?Re: Should Beaver Creek have an alpine slide?The lunatics are running the asylum. Bring back George Gillett. Where is Mike Shannon? The alpine slide idea is way beyond dumb. It is actually certifiable. How could anybody even in their short term financially oriented dreams think this would be good for the valley or for their investors? Vail Daily, Vail Colorado CO

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