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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Should Beaver Creek have an alpine slide?As a Realtor in Beaver Creek, I feel that I have been selling a lie. The literature from developers within this resort and the promotional materials from Vail Resorts Company has always referred to Beaver Creek as a very special place focused on natural beauty, serenity and the sense of luxury that was unique to the Vail Valley. At no time were we selling coasters streaming down a hillside immediately adjacent to multi-million dollar properties. At no time were we told that the thrust of Beaver Creek Resort would be to bring as many tourists into the resort as possible in order for the resort company to make more money. At no time were we selling activities at any price. At no time were we told that the landscape would be permanently scarred in order to bring money to the resort company during the summer season. What we have been told all along is that Beaver Creek Resort is a very special place, where families can come to be together and to enjoy all the wonders of the natural setting. The families that I have dealt with over the past years have come here to ski, hike, bike, ice skate, enjoy the concerts and generally enjoy the unparalleled ambience of this world-class resort. When did the resort feel the need to mimic Winter Park and provide a coaster that propels people down the hillside? I sense that it is the $500,000 annual income from this summer “ride” that has propelled the resort company’s motivation, certainly not the enhancement of the resort itself! When did the resort feel the need to become another Six Flags amusement park rather than a luxury resort? The two are not compatible in my thinking. BCRRe: Should Beaver Creek have an alpine slide?This is the single stupidest and most anti-property owner idea that VA has come up with in the 18 years that we have been property owners at Beaver Creek. This will with 100 percent certainty cause a loss in value of all property at Beaver Creek. If you haven’t ridden an alpine slide, do go over to Breck and try it next summer. One or two rides and you have had enough for life, yet it is an ugly scar on the face of the mountain for all time. Utterly shortsighted and a terrible idea.Re: Should Beaver Creek have an alpine slide?Finally the community can see that the negative impact of this horrid decision on Vail Resorts’ part negatively impacts more than just the homeowners. Too bad the resort company won’t show us what the guests who love the resort for what it is have to say in surveys about protecting the natural beauty and not scarring the landscape, as the broker put it. Mr. Katz and his board should take some time out to read the declarations, the advertising literature, the PUD and their own sales literature before they ruin this place forever. It is in their power to do the right thing.Re: Should Beaver Creek have an alpine slide?Don’t kid yourself. These things are low-rent, ugly and not even very much fun. They bring a cheesy tourist crowd, and they are a gross anti-environmental travesty. Concrete across the Rockies. Re: Throw ’em back, try againThe voters in Eagle County are neither stupid nor uninformed. They voted against both the early childhood tax and home rule. Let it go. Re: Throw ’em back, try againWhat an arrogant fool. So the people that don’t agree with Don Rogers are not “enlightened.” For someone to think like that really shows their contempt for the population. Re: D.R.: Fearing a slideUnfortunately, Mr. Rogers is not an attorney and clearly has not read either the conservation easement, which prohibits a commercial business from operating on the Haymeadow parcel, or the 1988 and 1994 PUDs, which specifically deleted an alpine slide as a right of use. Let’s put the alpine slide in his back yard! Certainly he is not opposed to the laughter of children!Re: A perfect pair: Diane and her dogAwesome and touching real life account of how help and assist dogs are born out of love and devotion; and any training they might get is great too.Vail Daily, Vail Colorado CO

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