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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Lia ZneimerDear Judi: My name is Eleonora Zneimer. I was born in 1926 and I had thought that I was the last person to carry on the family name ZNEIMER. Our family originally came from Latvia. My parents and relatives already were not with us. My grandfather, my brother and my cousins died during the last war.I have been seeking my relatives in all of the former Soviet Union, but didn’t get succeed and never found anybody.After I was informed about the possibility of finding someone with the last name Zneimer in the Web, I was really surprised, especially when I found out there are many people in the world with the same family name. Despite my age, I was really excited.Now I am a widow. I’ve got two sons, two grandsons and and granddaughter and even a grand-granddaughter.I have been working for almost 50 years as a teacher of literature. Now I am retired. Nevertheless I am still working as a volunteer in our Jewish community.To my greatest regret, I do not speak English, and this letter was written by one of my sons. I would be very pleased to receive a message from you.Eleonora ZneimerAddress: Eleonora ZneimerPershotrawnewa 1310Czernowitz58000 Ukraine+38 037 2514919, Russian only.Re: Eagle County looks into going smoke freeMy husband and I can’t wait for the opportunity to return to the Vail area once they finally get rid of the smoking. Once Keystone, Breckenridge and others went smoke free, we quit going to Vail. We had no choice but to leave. We were getting physically sick from it. Second-hand smoke is a toxic gas filled with carcinogens. It contaminates the air we breathe. This is not clean air we’re talking about. Yet we have seen resistance in some communities in Colorado to “protect” this polluted air in workplaces and in public places. Re: Letters to the editorSo who really spends your money, friend with all the answers? Is it really the liberals? I think you’ve gotten suckered big time.If the left wastes middle class money while crying crocodile tears, who really cashes in on our going broke middle class? Why, it’s conservative, Mr. George “Vote for Tax Cuts for my Rich Friends” Bush. Tax cuts for Bush’s conservative Yale buddies means you, the middle-class watchdog, take the costs of running this country disproportionately out of your wallet. “Who is paying for this?” You are. “What will we (you) pay for?” More of the same if you keep these people in office. Think about what you’re saying here. “Tax and spend” fits the current administration more than any in recent history while they try to snooker you into thinking they’re good old boys like you. …Re: One job won’t cut itAdd the gas prices, which are higher here than other mountain towns – makes it even more difficult to live here. Maybe the employers should pitch in on a free shuttle for employees going from Vail to Avon or visa versa to help divert some of our costs. Especially when housing is so expensive and we would do a better job at work when we aren’t so exhausted from whichever of our three jobs we do, not two!Re: One job won’t cut itThere are many jobs available now. So apply and apply until you find the one with the right pay and benefits and move on. Most employers in this valley spend much more effort on cutbacks than business expansion. They would rather take away from their staff than adding value to their staff members’ lives, so for me I am now ready to jump every time a better deal comes along. Business has been booming here and there is a lot of investment coming into the area. But most employers expect their staffs to work harder and longer for less. I say screw them and move to the next company.Re: Little protection for gays in the workplaceThis comment is in response to the individual who while wondering why gays should have government benefits likened gay relationships to the relationships between siblings, cousins, friends and “a guy and his dog.” Allow me share why gay relationships might differ from relationships between men and their dogs and why consenting adults in long-term committed relationships might meet the criteria for governmental benefits. Siblings, cousins and roommates differ significantly from my relationship with my partner because we’ve consciously entered into a loving, committed, long-term relationship. We share joint bank accounts, a mortgage, car payments and were married in our church. Yes, you might not consider us married, but that’s the great thing about living in the United States of America. We can live freely under the beliefs of our church without being persecuted and theoretically while receiving the same support from our government as members of other religions. This is the fundamental principle of the separation of church and state. If you could expand your horizons a bit, you might be surprised how similar our life is to yours. Our life is really quite ordinary and no one in the valley has been or ever will be hurt by our presence here. …Re: Udall wants to expand U.S. ArmyThis smells like a sneaky way to reinstate the draft.Re: Wisdom from the WebIn my irritation with Arthur Kittay’s perseveration on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, I misspoke out of frustration in urging him to direct his letters to a larger venue. Would we in the Vail Valley care about this issue and others at a national or global level? Of course we should.So Kittay’s investment, passion and willingness to share what he perceives are all commendable.Nevertheless, his steady stream of letters neither fully informs nor persuades. He continually presents a one-sided view at a thousand foot level of a highly complex, loaded situation – which in the end loses me.Arthur, I respectfully ask that you go one better and attempt to capture both sides in a reasoned, empathic way. Ultimately, doing so might better bring me around to your point of view, if that is your intention in the first place.Vail, Colorado

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