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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Shaping developmentAMEN!Re: Parents hard-pressed to work with ScoutsMaybe if the Boy Scouts did not discriminate they would find more volunteers. By not allowing someone who is gay/lesbian to be a Scout leader are they not promoting discrimination? Who would want to volunteer for a group with that type of agenda?Re: Damned if they do, and …DAs get assigned cases and DAs get to say no thank you to them, too.It takes a month at least of investigation before they say yep, we will prosecute or nope, we won’t. The DA and investigators assigned to cases make that decision. It is not a given. Interview some victims here, ask them, ask victims in Garfield County, try Summit too – check, recheck and the check again before saying it is so when it is not so. Do your homework before typing. Haven’t we had this homework conversation before? Verify before writing. Otherwise it will get you every time.Re: County considers building freezeI read your articles with great interest, especially the problems you are facing with the growth in the area. I escape two-three times a year from the No. 1 tourist spot in the U.S. with its 31 million visitors to spend a few days in a beautiful place like Vail. It is the valley, the friendly people and the surroundings, which brings me back. Putting a freeze on the growth is only going make your visitors appreciate the valley more. If you want to grow, consider supplying affordable housing for the help which every business needs. Good luck to the commissioners. But before your next big decision on growth, please step outside and look around. It may be the last time you hear the birds and see the aspen trees turn in the fall.Re: Man in coma after motorcycle crashDear Ben, I love you and hope to see you real soon. Your family supports you and is praying for your recovery. Love always, your cousin,Genny SassenfeldRe: Shaping development”Greater effort for more open space.” Yeah, right. Congratulations, you saved a gravel pit and a swamp from being developed into something useful for the community, such as a REAL STORE or affordable houses.Editor’s note: The wetlands are not on the Eaton parcel, but the property to the west.Re: County considers building freezeOK, so first we have articles on how expensive it is to live in Eagle County and how the middle class is getting squeezed. Now we have an article that explains exactly how our elected officials are planning on making things a lot worse.Building freeze is exactly what we DO NOT need. Commissioner Tom Stone’s remarks are just the tip of the iceberg. Chasing away the people that are barely considered middle class is bad for business, bad for the county, and bad for most residents except the ultra rich second-home owners who couldn’t care less about the local community because they don’t live here.Prices on everything will skyrocket so fast that unfreezing things after we see how screwed up things are will not fix the problem. And by everything I mean goods, services, gas, utilities, etc. After all, if you can afford to live in a $600,000-plus home, you can pay $5 for a loaf of bread and $3.50 for a gallon of fuel. Too far fetched? Just you wait. Re: Letters to the editorRegarding “Just wishy washy” and “The fatuity of the week award is shared this time by Don Rogers and Alex Miller”: When one insists on remaining in the middle of the road, one runs the risk of being hit from both directions.Re: County considers building freezeWhat was it Don Rogers said in Thursday’s column and, indeed, in many columns during the past several months? Something to the effect that we don’t need to blow $6 million in taxpayer funds for Eaton Ranch? Seems Arn and Peter already know they can “control growth” without spending money. …Re: Gary Lindstrom to learn SpanishA fair question: Who is paying for Gary Lindstom’s trip to Mexico to learn Spanish?Vail, Colorado

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