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Re: The queen deserves royal acclaim

Hi. I read the review by Shauna Farnell and certainly agree that this movie is wonderful. Please correct your statement regarding Diana’s relationship to Queen Elizabeth II. The queen is Diana’s ex-mother-in-law, not ex-stepmother.

Re: Wisdom from the Web

Becoming united. United against this war and being lead on by this administration. The time for a surge has passed. Too little too late.

Re: Sen. Allard won run for re-election

It would be great to have a Western Slope senator in Scott McInnis. Ritter didn’t appoint a single Cabinet member from west of the continental divide. The Western Slope is at risk that our state Legislature, and our federal representatives, will all be Denver-centric. This is very dangerous.

Re: Seniors, here’s your competition

They are in competition with schools that EDUCATE – not ‘big-city’ schools.

Again, let me repeat this, the QUALITY of education here is SUB-standard – the kids graduating from here are not receiving the knowledge they need to get INTO college classes. ECSD graduates get an A on the NCLB district paperwork – and the kids are FAILING with regards to their ‘education’ out of state – open your eyes people! I am not kidding!

It has been that way for the past few years and is only getting worse (they enter college having to REPEAT the college courses they took here in high school) – honest …

Re: Beckham will have to learn Spanish

I enjoyed reading this, it made me chuckle, thanks. Rich from England

Re: Bring on the windmills

Sorry Matt (Zalaznick), but you don’t get to be the news filter for the community.

Re: MyPod

Very insightful and helpful, I had no idea there was a way to reset an iPod. Thanks for the tips.

Re: Illegal immigrants

Instead of sending 20,000 more American soldiers to fight in Iraq, let’s send illegal immigrants.

After serving their time they can receive automatic citizenship. Since illegals are enjoying so many benefits of living in the U.S.A., I’m sure they would welcome the chance to prove that they deserve to be here.

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