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Re: Don’t blame just builders

The point made about increasing taxes to help offset the impacts of new development or infill development is a valid idea and would help the current situation of the entire Eagle County. However, it makes no sense not to keep the developers on the hook to pay for the impacts that they cause. Because of the tight-knit communities that exist in the Eagle Valley, the affects of increased demands for employees are magnified due to the limited labor supply …

Just as developers anywhere pay impact fees for their work, developers in the Eagle Valley must be part of the solution to offset additional employee housing and/or affordable housing needs that result from their developments.

Re: Wisdom from the Web

As a middle-of-the road, liberal conservative, who is not loyal to either party, bipartisan politics disgust me. Both sides are constantly mud-slinging, sloganeering, posturing, and name calling. That is called demagoguery and warrants no merit in logical discussion. Unfortunately, it works, and quite well, to get people all fired up and continue “debates” with tirades and rants. Both sides have valid points to be made. The general population, relieved of bias, would probably agree with both sides fairly equally, I believe. Can everyone please stick to the issues and stop pulling on the heart strings?! Can we, together, be Americans first and foremost? Not in my lifetime …

Re: Stone Creek: Private stash goes public

ATTENTION ALL TEXANS! There will be no grooming in the Stone Creek Chutes. There are also many hungry bears just waking up from their long winter nap, hibernation, in the Stone Creek area so don’t go in unless you can out-run/out-ski a bear!

Re: When do you become a local?

Being a local upvalley must be pretty easy compared to being a local downvalley in the Eagle and Gypsum area, and I would suspect in Minturn as well. Talk about history … families have lived here for generations. I’ve lived in the Eagle Valley from Minturn to Eagle and many spots in between for the past 26 years, my children were born in Vail and have graduated from area schools, but in Eagle, I’m not really sure that I’m a full fledged local! I’m working on earning that title. I think to be a local you must give back to your community, make an investment in its well being and it has not one thing to do with the resort industry.

Re: Playoffs? Huskies move into sixth

Go girls! These few who have stuck with the sport, the program and all of the changes in coaching staffs deserve some success. Get after it in the second half of the season, girls.

Re: Letters to the Editor

I am very sorry for Mrs. Jones’ loss; however, the entity to blame is not the Vail Daily for their perceived lack of reporting, but the Colorado State Patrol for their lack of enforcement of speed limits.

Without a stronger deterrence, the idiots in both four-wheel-drive SUVs, sedans and 18-wheelers will continue to threaten the lives of those who drive safely in inclement weather.

By the way, when are our tax dollars going to be used to put lightbulbs back in the light poles in Dowd Junction? I think we’re pushing a year on those lights being out.

That would be a major improvement.

Re: Builders again bash Vail’s housing idea

They are just walking the walk and talking the same talk of the county commissioners. We won’t need employee housing anywhere in Eagle County because the developers are going to just say “enough” and move on to places where capitalism is still practiced.

Re: When do you become a local?

After reading this article, I was amazed that most of the responses were based on how long a person has lived here. It should be based on your contribution to the local community.

We have so many people who come for a season and stay for years who contribute nothing to the community and others who do. We have “part-timers” who do nothing but complain, but others volunteer time and money to causes and projects and who sit on boards.

If you live here, whether for a season or for the long haul, make your stamp on the community. Give money to local charities, become involved in local theater, give a day to Habitat for Humanity, work on a World Cup race, donate to the annual rummage sale or sniagrab.

There are many opportunities to become a “true” local.

Re: Stone considers U.S. Congress run

God help us …

Re: Stone considers U.S. Congress run

If Tom gets in, then your prayer will be answered ” God WILL help us!

Re: The prince’s lead

Prince Chuck didn’t cancel his ski trip over the carbon footprint issue. He’s such a hypocrite! Everyone knows there is NO SNOW IN KLOSTERS this year. This is the worst snowpack in the 25 years he’s been going there. As Bugs Bunny would say “what a maroon!”

Re: Understatement of the year

Arn Menconi is going to provide you even more fodder for your columns, Richard. As he tries to develop a legacy for his eight years in office, Arn’s next effort will be to promote yet another tax. This one will be for guess what? Housing of course! He is already putting pressure on people to get with his program or else. He makes your job so easy.

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