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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here are excerpts of those comments:Re: Flare-up in the shouting warHow about a local column? Mr. Zalaznick sure seems to have an inflated sense of himself and his profession. Thanks for recapping for us groundlings what all the national papers have been spouting about for weeks now. And what’s with the tired “left and right” oppositional stance? It’s not a dodgeball game. You don’t need to take sides and make a game of it. “Right side” Rogers had more of a real voice and opinion for this “lefty.” Why don’t you guys write about something I don’t hear about on CNN?Re: Does the United States have Christian roots?Wow, Thomas Jefferson founded the nation by himself? He was, in fact, one among many, and an aberrational one at that when it came to Christianity. How can a supposedly thinking, spiritual man validly draw a general conclusion from one specific man – Jefferson? You are way off base sir!Re: Coldplay stays in No. 1 spotColdplay sucks. Coldplay sound like the Black Crows (another horrid band) on Valium, no offense to the makers of Valium or the millions of happy-go-lucky, stay-at-home moms consuming them like Pez. Keep smiling, moms, and don’t forget the baby at Starbucks where they are probably playing something better than Coldplay or Black Crows, INXS, Brittney, Kelly Clarkson (or any other Idol pukes), anything on or that has ever been on top 100 country. …Re: Hiring may become harderService-related jobs have been harder to fill because of increased competition for employees and the booming construction industry.So why not talk to people who hire to fill position sin the service industry? Seems like a lot of jobs lately in the Daily and some are offering a signing bonus. That is where the story is, get out in the street and talk to the real people instead of using your speed-dial to call the usual suspects.Re: Education called a key to Hispanic successTired of paying for illegals: In keeping with the both sides issue, run a story on the poll. I see THAT count is still going up, and over 1,400 votes is waaaaaay beyond any other poll run here.Deport illegals here seems to be the popular result. I say, give them nothing free here. I do not want to pay for this anymore. I will donate my time and money as I always have, on MY terms, not our government tax man demands.I think it is fine if they pay their own way here 100 percent. I do NOT think it is fine that taxpayers are forced to pay their way and companies steer them straight to welfare upon hiring. They have done so for years. Public aid means we pay for it. Those cheap goods just got more costly, didn’t they?Vail, Colorado

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