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Wisdom From the Web

Daily Staff Report

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, in old fashioned print, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Take down the blindersRichard, it’s called reading between the lines. You’ve (for some bizarre reason they still let you) written a column on here and we know your style. We know what you think on issues before you even share them. Did you ever realize that people rip on you not because of what you say right then but because of what you have said or will likely say in the future?Re: State of denialThis piece is typical of global warming zealots: make up some figures, severely distort other ones, and then conclude with “Everyone else believes it so why don’t you?” How about this for an opinion piece: Denver just completed its seventh coldest and snowiest January on record, with snow being on the ground for over six weeks now. Both the Orlando and Los Angeles areas have reported snow flurries this winter. Vail Mountain snowpack is at 85 percent of average – and it’s snowing out right now. Isn’t it time to recognize that humanity is causing the planet to freeze and we must all move into straw huts and give Al Gore absolute power? K.S.Re: Stone Creek owes $1.8 millionWere any laws broken here? Reporting 100 more students than you have seems like a classic way to defraud the state.

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