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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail, Colorado CO

Re: Letters to the Editor

Newsflash: New Orleans has become America’s Atlantis. Time to re-build the city in a logical place, rather than below sea level. Duh!

Desert Dawg

Re: Charter troubles have schools preparing

My children are my obligation. I want them to get the best education, and any school in the district is not an option.

I have never seen my child thrive as much as they have this year at Stone Creek School. We have been to three schools in Eagle County and Stone Creek has been by far the best.

Lori M. Eagle-Vail

Re: ‘If we can’t get workers we’re dead’

Illegal is illegal no matter what. If you can’t compete with the oil and gas companies who pay $20 an hour, then pay $20 an hour and hire only legal citizens.

Re: Clean up poop city, neighbor

I walk my two dogs daily in the area, on trails and around town. I, too, have noticed amazing amounts of dog poop left behind. It’s especially bad on the trails up in Homestead.

There are bags and receptacles at each trailhead, which makes it very easy to pick up after pets.

Still, people don’t. It’s very disappointing that people can be so inconsiderate and lazy.

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