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Vail CO, Colorado

Re: Much ado about a horse

Few believe that humans and non-human animals are equal in every way, Austin.

For example, no one believes that dogs and cats can do calculus, or that pigs and cows enjoy poetry.

But, like humans, many other animals are psychological beings, with an experiential welfare of their own. In this sense, we and they are the same.

In this sense, therefore, despite our many differences, we and they are equal. Be careful of who and what you slight, Mr. Richardson.

Re: Housing’s no laughing matter

It’s not that housing is a laughing matter. It’s the process that’s comical. The lack of leadership makes these people look like the Keystone cops.

Don seems to believe that private enterprise does not have a vested interest in solving their own employee problems and that the heavy hand of government is the only answer. Government is not the solution. Government is the problem.

Stick to being an editor, Don. You’re not an economist.

Re: Religious posters lure ACLU to library

Let me get this straight (ha-ha): porn on computers is constitutionally required, promotion of Communist propaganda is an inviolable necessity, homosexual magazines must be displayed in the library entry in a kindergartner’s line of sight, but any mention that same-sex sodomy and divorce may not exactly benefit society brings the threat of litigation? What a world.

Re: What’s on the radio?

Great to see Radio Free Minturn get some local support. Some of us outside of your area, and even outside of the country, listen to J.P’s shows.

I’m in Florida and I download all the Mindriot and Black Coffee shows. I know of at least one listener in Melbourne, Australia.

Give J.P. some credit, he’s putting Minturn on the world map!

Angela, Sarasota, Fla.

Re: Briefs: Vail makes offer for Wendy’s

I hope Wendy’s fights back against this legalized theft called eminent domain. Unreal, kiss this country goodbye.

You are losing your rights folks, do you realize that?

Re: Playboy girls ride with Shaun White

I am again reminded by this article about how boring and dismal my life is. Shaun White is my friggin’ hero and he can wear that out !

Re: Cops struggle with immigration laws

Put down the donut and do your job.

Re: Immigrants navigate degrees of danger

While these lawbreakers jump the line to get into the U.S. illegally, thousands of patient would-be immigrants are waiting in the Philippines, Nigeria, Ukraine and other countries for their opportunity to come to the U.S. legally.

Re: Immigrants navigate degrees of danger

It’s not supposed to be easy for them. The days of feeling sorry for them are long gone, too.

Ten years ago I sided with them and their plights, but as the inundation of the valley progressed, I realized our country, and especially our valley had been designated as a refuge for all of Central and South America.

Also, when I saw them in numbers, I noticed a big change in attitude ” as if Americans are the outsiders and that we should change for them.

Re: Playboy girls ride with Shaun White

Life’s what you make it. I love snowboarding and used Burton boards in the past. Got hurt twice, though, and switched to water skiing instead! I love the “Girl’s Next Door” show. Can’t wait to see the episode.


Re: Playboy girls ride with Shaun White

So much for Vail Resorts’ “family” image.

I guess soon we’ll see the Bunnies will be zipping down the alpine slide in Beaver Creek.

Re: Cops struggle with immigration laws

If the response time is so slow, can’t the police department afford helicopters? Vail is wealthy.

I don’t think the police are doing their jobs.

Re: Watchdogs say good-bye to tough leader

Thanks to Caroline for her passionate leadership ” you are a treasure! Enjoy your wonderful daughter ” and keep an eye on things for us! You are one of those people who make a big difference in our world. Thank you.

Kathy Chandler-Henry

Re: Watchdogs say good-bye to tough leader

I would like to tip my hat to this wonderful lady. I had the great pleasure of working with Caroline for the past seven years when I was the Eagle County Engineer. She brought passion, commitment and leadership to her position. She worked tirelessly to create awareness of the sand build-up along I-70 and environmental threats throughout this beautiful Vail Valley. Her contributions to the region will remain permanently etched in the sands of time. Thank you, Caroline, for your hard work and dedication.

Helen Migchelbrink

Re: Letters to the Editor

And you think the Bush gang has been “successful?”

Those criminal clowns have made major hashes of everything they’ve put their bloody hands to, and America will be paying the price of their folly for decades.

Re: Africa, our next frontier?

Since Dana Jurich hates living in America so much, why doesn’t she go over to Africa?

Surely then the “ineffective medicine and rotten food” will come as a pleasant and urgent need.

How dare you criticize the hands that are at least trying to do something by providing medicine and food. Surely that money for a latte you buy every morning, noon and night couldn’t go towards fixing this problem!

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