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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
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Re: Building community character

By continuing to approve large residential development, the Town of Eagle is further jeopardizing the future of downtown Eagle. You said it right. Broadway as it exists cannot provide enough retail to satisfy a bigger Eagle.

A new streetscape will not save it, the town knows it, and the recent upgrade was not much more than a scrap thrown to a hungry dog. Perhaps to soften the blow of approving a new retail center east of town?

Hey town board, how about just slowing down the influx of people and let downtown Eagle catch up a bit? That would at least show your heart really was into sprucing up Broadway to attract people rather than just appeasing some noisy business owners.

Re: Africa, our next frontier?

“In a godless continent like theirs, I’m sure G.W. wouldn’t mind assisting in spreading another plague: Christianity.”

As I am not surprised, Dana is yet again hugely misinformed. Liberation theology is continuing on making the rounds to the hurt and oppressed of this fallen world.

Places like Africa, Asia, and South America are some of the fastest growing places that the gospel is spreading. Relief comes in the form of eternal life to be had by all who believe in Jesus.

Yep, this message is resounding strong and clear to the downtrodden of the world. Uneducated? Yes. Poor? Yes. Faithful? Yes!

‘Tis a shame that Americans like Dana have all that this world can offer, and that’s all. People all over the world have nothing of this world, but have all that is above it.

Re: Thanks for all the violence

Yep, kids should stay away from the evils of media and its perverted messages of reality. Does that include the Vail Daily commentary section, Matt?

Well, at least we agree that “The Office” is the greatest show ever.

Re: Black women’s dilemma

I’m a woman. I’m white. I would chew glass before voting for Hillary Clinton. People ask me, “Oh, why not, she’s a woman?” So what? Does that mean she is automatically qualified to get my vote? No!

Re: Black women’s dilemma

That’s true. The “ultimate glass ceiling” shouldn’t be broken if all that glass will come tumbling down, hurting everyone else just for the sake of the first-woman-president principle.

Re: Black women’s dilemma

“For me, it’s not about their race or gender, but who is going to be the best candidate.”

Since this is true, don’t vote for either Hillary or Obama. Neither hold any viable and realistic solutions to problems. They hold false and empty promises, looking out for what the American people ideally want, not necessarily what is realistic.

Show me some realistic solutions to problems and I will gladly vote for either of these candidates.

Re: Letters to the Editor

I am sick and tired of hearing that those of us who voted against home rule are ignorant and misinformed. We are all quite well-informed. That is why we voted against it.

Re: Letters to the Editor

The only people who seem to be in favor of home rule is Basalt. They should just leave Eagle County and become part of Pitkin County. The Eagle Valley doesn’t want to be Aspenized. Mr. Terwilliger is still just spouting out the same old tired and misleading rhetoric.

Re: Bipartisan, yeah right

Yep, false promises of dramatic, overnight change to the gullible American people. Why am I not surprised this tactic has not worked for the left?

And yet, the likes of Hillary and Obama think this same tactic will work. If the Congress situation has shown us anything, it won’t.

Re: Who are the at-risk students?

Why don’t we start at the heart of the matter and stop the giveaways to illegals? That should produce a huge increase for legal residents. All this politically correct crap has to stop. English first in American public schools.

Re: Letters to the Editor


You said it all in your recent letter to the editor, “Eagle’s Future.”

Eagle is experiencing some serious and monumental growing pains and unfortunately the town manager, the mayor and the town council do not have the experience or expertise to deal with it all.

What do they want their legacy to be? Saving Eagle or ruining it? They are well on the way to ruining it with the annexation and approval of so many residential projects (some of which are just plain unattractive) and the mere thought of approving Eagle River Station (1-million square feet of sprawling national and regional stores located at the gateway of Eagle) is downright outrageous.

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