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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
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Re: ‘If we can’t get workers we’re dead’

What about responsible and responsive prospective employers? If you are looking for workers and receive responses from qualified candidates who are willing to work and show up (what a concept!), how about some common courtesy? Communicate with your potential candidates that they’re in the running or not. All it takes is a freaking e-mail or a phone call.

Re: Letters to the Editor

Thanks, Adrienne, for your poignant response to the article about Barbaro. To you who wrote this heartless commentary, I would like to remind you that thoroughbred racehorses provide a living experiment for many of the orthopedic drugs and treatments used in humans.

Re: Town Council extends Stone Creek’s lease

Here in Eagle County, the local school representatives frown upon parents choosing schools. Stone Creek parents voted with their feet. Yes, these people made some financial errors, but it seems our local school district administrators are not in the mood to play nice and help out. In fact, even though charter schools are public schools, according to Colorado state laws, our administrators do not view charter students as their own. It is obvious our school district administrators do not want parents to be allowed to make the school-choice decision and do not care to see children sent to the best school possible.

Re: Bracket time: Huskies hockey No. 9

Chris Freud, I know you’re complaining about all the mail that you have gotten from Summit County, but seriously, get over it and just admit that you were wrong last year. I guess, though, thanks for writing us off last year, because it just motivated us to work harder and prove you wrong, and I know that’s what we’re gonna do this year, too!

Re: Town Council extends Stone Creek’s lease

“Avon Elementary Principal Melisa Rewold-Thuon asked the council to consider a tale of two schools. Stone Creek Elementary, on one hand, raised $100,000 in just a week and a half of fundraising. Parents wrote hefty check after hefty check, and more is expected to come in. Avon Elementary, on the other hand, is more worried about its large number of impoverished students, many living in substandard housing and sleeping on floors, Rewold-Thuon said. Raising anything near $100,000 would be more than difficult.”

Is the principal of Avon Elementary suggesting that all fundraising should stop because certain schools are not able to fund-raise as well?

Re: Envisioning Battle Mountain by snowmobile

Is wilderness defined by not being able to see vestiges of human civilization? You can see satellites in the sky from all of the so-called wilderness.

Re: U.S. mint rolls out new dollar coin

My God, does the Treasury Department ever learn? It’s not about whose face is on the darn thing, or where you can pick one up, its about the size of it. It is the same darn size as the other two failures, so you can put Mickey Mouse’s face on the thing and still no one will use it. I could care less if Susan, Sacajawea, or George is smiling at me ” it still looks like a quarter, and even more so now that it has George Washington on it!

Re: Residents uneasy about Ginn Co. plan

Ten years ago, elk herds and related predators could be heard and seen all over the mountain. Today, about the only wildlife one hears at night are the local dogs, cats and rats. Meanwhile, Mr. Ginn has declared there is no evidence wildlife lives on the mountain.

Re: Letters to the Editor

John Silver is absolutely correct. Legislation meant to reduce litigation has eliminated the need for ski-resort companies to crack down on reckless skiers and boarders. Be it skiers or snowboarders, the mountains are increasingly crowded with rude, selfish people and Vail Resorts is not doing enough to keep these people off the mountains. Skier day numbers are more important than safety records. It’s not going to get any better.

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