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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: More condos could line Highway 6 in Avon

No, no, no!

Please table this and allow further scrutiny. Please don’t allow high-rise condos and a massive retaining wall to tower over the end of Deer Boulevard and Highway 6. The Gates has been such a long-delayed, start-stop project. Let’s scrutinize this before allowing it.

Re: Fairgrounds to become ‘regional park’

There has been absolutely no public involvement in determining the future of our fairgrounds. When were the public meetings held? When did the commissioners even ask for comments from the public? Why are Menconi, Runyon and Fisher ignoring the master plans that we worked hard to come to consensus on? Who does this Baumgartner think he is? We never elected him.

Re: Blue jean baby

Finally, someone else in the mountains that appreciates fine denim!

Check out Kicking Mule Workshop and Nudies. My favorite jeans are Lucky, Diesel and Nudies. Dry Selvege is the way to go now.

Re: More condos could line Highway 6 in Avon

This is a housing project, alright, but for high-end condos. In case you haven’t noticed, the issues being batted around lately have to do with affordable housing. Once the Westin and Gates are open along with Beaver Creek Landing, it’s going to be a nightmare to drive around Avon during high season (already is). European resorts made the same mistake of allowing development of apartments to outpace development of infrastructure. Please Avon Town Council, do not follow their folly.

Re: No place for politics

I agree, science and politics don’t mix. The problem is that you have landed on the side of the “political scientists” ” the UN, Al Gore, etc. I really don’t know how, given the plethora of information available. Despite the unilateral claim of the “political scientists” that the debate is over, it is not.

Another problem is that the alarmists have turned their version of the issue into a semi-cult/religion based more on belief and emotions than cold hard facts. There is an abundance of evidence to suggest that man-generated carbon dioxide is not causing anything even approaching the alarmists-described disasters ” nor any disaster for that matter. There is plenty of evidence that even the modicum of temperature change is caused primarily by sun activity. And, there is no reliable indicator that the current level of sun activity will not change from its current higher level to a lower one in the coming decades.

For starters, I suggest you search for the works and Web site of Dr. Fred Singer, professor emeritus at the University of Virginia. He is but one of many climatologists/meteorologists worldwide (true scientists) who differ with the “political scientists.”

You should know that the UN summary, just released, was written by UN bureaucrats, i.e, politicians. They have not released the underlying science (and won’t until May) pending their cleaning up the science reports to correlate them with the predetermined summary ” some science! Carbon dioxide correlation to temperature increase is really not there except on a highly selected basis.

Additionally, even if there were correlation, correlation in no way connotes cause and effect. Most of the claim for cause and effect is based upon (guess what?) man-made computer models. This is as close as it gets to “man-made CO2 global temperature crisis.” The adage regarding computer models (garbage in; garbage out) applies.


Re: Voice your opinion, keep Eagle on the wild side

Dear Eagle residents,

Fo you live in Eagle Ranch or up Brush Creek Toad? Because if you do, your home(s) sit on what was one of the most beautiful open space/ranch lands in Eagle County.

So it is a matter of “Now that I am here, no one else can be here.” Shame on you. I hope you get hundreds of apartments right next door to you, to fulfill the housing crisis we have.

Re: Hospital needs to improve, report says

The $10 million the hospital just spent on a new records system was an unwarranted expenditure, particularly given the problems with the system. The “gold standard” in e-records systems is the Veterans’ Adminstration system ” which is free to hospitals.

The hospital needs to address its role as a provider of care for the community rather than place so much focus on its destination patients. We have to stop the practice of relying so heavily on traveling nurses as well. How hard is it to provide housing options for nurses so they will settle here permanently? Hopefully the airing of this report will pressure the hospital to fix the critical staffing issues they face.

Re: Would you wear a pink helmet?

I would wear a pink helmet. Hi, my name is Sue Garrett and I have been a firefighter with the Craig Fire and Rescue for six years now. And I have breast cancer.

I have been through eight treatments of chemo and 33 radiation treatments. I am waiting to see my doctor in one month to hear the words “you are in remission.” I just completed my treatments last Friday. My department has been real supportive. When I lost my hair, they did, too. We took turns shaving each others heads! It was difficult, but helpful.

I found this article while down in Grand Junction for the week doing my radiation treatments. I think its awesome! I would like to see it done here, as well, but my chiefs would be wearing the helmets! I’m glad people care.

Re: Letters to the Editor

In the short time we’ve been here, we’ve seen Avon and Vail transform into beachfront towns. Instead of high-rise condos on the waterfront, blocking out the view of the ocean, we now have high-rise condos blocking out the view of the mountains. Quite sad to see what’s happening.

Like the Europeans, local governments here are allowing resort development to outpace the infrastructure both on and off the mountain. Quite sad.

Re: Dead spots with lives at stake?

But the new concrete looks so much better then the old concrete. When I look at the new “Front Door” development in Lionshead, I think, is this a building or a fancy fence to block highway noise?

I suppose this is what you get when you go with the lowest bidder.

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