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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: $1.6 million for county’s youngest kids?

We will never have assisted living in Eagle County because our senior citizens are not a priority for any of the current County Commissioners. If any of them ever grow old, they should be tossed out on the street with no place to live. They are sending out a very clear message that they don’t care and they don’t represent the majority of the voters. This would be a good issue to spend some money on a poll for. Try asking us what we want for a change before you spend our money.

Re: $1.6 million for county’s youngest kids?

Regarding using my money to pay for other people’s baby-sitting costs, we voted and the answer was no.

Re: Tipsline

So what if we did buy oil from a stabilized Iraqi government and economy? It’s Economics 101! we buy oil at low price (benefits us and your SUV) while at teh same time feeding the economy of Iraq.

Henceforth a win-win situation. They get money in their pockets and we don’t take out as much money at the pumps!

Re: Vail celebrity couple expecting baby

Oh brother. Congratulations, of course, but other than that, geez, so what? Let People Magazine and the Enquirer do these stories.

Re: Letters to the Editor

Every year we spend one week in our beautiful timeshare unit at Falcon Point in Avon. It is so disappointing to us how the Vail Valley is changing, it’s lost all its charm.

It looks like it’s going to change even more. That’s too bad. Isn’t anybody listening to the “everyday people” like the middle class? The rich have taken over the city of Vail. Shame on you! Therefore, we are thinking about going somewhere else.

Barb and Pat Appelhans


Re: Bidez back in form on the halfpipe

Dylan Bidez actually won the Spirit Mountain Revolution Tour pipe, not a Grand Prix. He came in fourth in the Revolution Tour pipe in Mt. Bachelor the week after he came in 14th in the Mt. Bachelor Grand Prix.

He wishes he was first, but giving credit where credit is due, Steve Fisher won!

Great article otherwise, though.

Dylan’s mom, Patty

Re: Living the easy life

The viewing public have at least three outlets to watch these processes in action: live on channel 18 and taped re-broadcast on channel 5 and filtered through editors and reporters from the Vail Daily.

Sadly, most people don’t care about what happens in town/county government, until it has an effect on them personally. Even then, politicians don’t really want the public to know what they’re doing.

Re: Ski instructor Scott Josephs has died


You were a rare gem in the valley. Rest easy, brother.

Re: Alexander Larese, former local, died Feb. 1

So sad. Alex was a great guy. My sympathies go out to the family and my friend Anthony.

Cody Payne

Re: One person killed in rollover accident

What were the police thinking by conducting a high-speed chase at 12:40 in the morning? Do you have the license plate number, make and model of the car? Just wait for the driver at their residence. The police should take a hard look at their high-speed chase procedures.

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