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Wisdom from the Web

Don Rogers

Here is some of what you had to say in the comment section following news stories and commentaries you read on the Web over the past week:Re: Tipsline I’m so glad the person who commented on May 1 (titled “One philosophy”) took the time to share their opinion. Apparently, I’ve been doing it all wrong. Instead of teaching the children in Sunday School about love, patience and peaceful resolutions to life’s problems, I should have been teaching them how to hijack a Boeing or how to release sarin. Come to think of it, that little blue-haired lady with the hearing aide on the front row looks devious. She’s been pulling the shawl over our eyes for too long now! This Sunday, after Sacrament, singing “The Lord is My Shepherd” and the sermon on strengthening our family bonds, I’ll reveal her to the congregation for who she really is! A terrorist in support hose! Now, one last comment to the “one philosophy” person, there was a guy about 150 years ago you would have gotten along with, his name is Karl Marx. If you don’t know him, then maybe you know of Stalin. If you don’t know much about him either, then maybe you shouldn’t publicly voice your opinion anymore until you know what you’re talking about.Re: Wisdom from the WebGREAT, another version of Tipsline, where the author of the comments remains anonymous (you automatically filled “anonymous” on this post) and as such, unaccountable.Re: TipslineRe: “Just so much pork.” More pork barrel politics. Last week’s Vail Daily told of a $41,000 grant the Eagle Fire Department got for new radios, headsets and masks. It came from Homeland Security. How this is connected with terrorist attacks is unclear. There’s a lot of this going on. If the fire department needs new equipment, the people who are served by that agency should pay for it. Do you think you’re saving money this way? Do you think it’s not going on all over the country? There’s more to come. Sunday’s Vail Daily had a story headlined “Avalanche experts eye federal funding.” I wonder how people from places like Kansas will feel about that.Re: Tipsline, comment on “Just so much pork” Hmm. Personally, I can’t speak for people from Kansas, but from the state of Iowa (just NE of Kansas or to the east of Nebraska), I think local fire departments getting grants from Homeland Security is fantastic! These departments are the first responders to any disaster – WTC-types, plane crashes, chemical spills, fires, etc., etc. Their equipment wears out and becomes obsolete. It needs to be replaced at some point. This is equipment they use on a daily basis and for all types of emergencies which could included terrorist attacks. Homeland Security isn’t just about terrorists. If the department’s response includes support of Homeland Security, certainly they’re entitled to a grant from that federal agency. …Re: Wisdom from the WebWisdom from the Web is great! Another opportunity to smear those who sacrifice their lives for the public good! At this rate, only plodders with no ambition will run for public office!Re: Stone: Ingstad was pushed out of jobWhat is the penalty for violating the Colorado sunshine law? Perhaps this should be investigated and the law enforced if violations have taken place. Also, maybe the voters should recall anyone violating this law.Re: Stone: Ingstad was pushed out of jobHey Tamara (Miller)! I hear the Enquirer is hiring. They are looking for stories like yours: Bold headlines, no substance. Filled with innuendo and accusations but no real facts. Maybe your editor will want to apply, too. Accepting your article for print showed lack of judgement on his/her behalf. … Re: Lots of smokeCommissioner Spendconi and Peter the Poodle Runyon wanted Ingstad out so that they could bankrupt the county. The Eaton Ranch spending is just the beginning. Menconi wants to raise ECO Transit taxes, and Runyon wants to sell open space bonds so that he can waste more money faster. Thanks to all of you who elected these clowns.Re: Lots of smokeI agree. Ingstad managed a budget the size of a Third World country. Now we have a comissioner in Menconi that is like a ruthless third world dictator.Re: Toothless in Reno: An escape to SquawI’ve been to Vail. You’ve got your fair share of toothless wonders in and around Vail. And, I’m not talking about the highly dentured ski boutique crowd. You should try exploring the Sierra Nevadas, the Tahoe Basin and the Truckee Meadows with someone who appreciates and understands the history, the beauty and the recreational opportunities that abound year-round in our 5,000-plus square mile piece of heaven. By the way, how much did the 4th Street hooker charge you? Was she toothless? …Re: Toothless in Reno: An escape to Squaw One of the most poorly written articles I’ve read in long time. (sic) The abuse of the english (sic) language was the only thing “Epic” (sic) about it.Re: Fix is worse than the problemYou are missing two of the key points that the optional private accounts would provide. 1) More money for those that choose to use them. Even a very conservative mix of stocks and bonds would return more on the dollar then the current system. 2) Everyone who chooses to can become an owner, rather then just a worker. You state that corporate revenues have increased drastically while wages have not. With private accounts, anyone who wishes can benefit from that growth by owning stock. A society of owners might put an end to class warfare and end the “corporations are evil” mentality of those that currently choose not to praticipate in our markets. How could the ability to choose be a bad thing? You are correct, though, that the current system is not really in a crisis, this is a BS tactic to sell the idea. The idea should be sold simply on its merit. MarkRe: Stoopid is as stoopid doesM-ow, this article and others to follow have been a long time coming. Get it boys! GET IT! All of us from home (OB) know you deserve it. M-ow is terminology only understood by Stoopid Bros in Stoopid situations.Re: Something familiar about blogsAre you saying you are going to write yet another column about nothing, Rogers? Come on, man. How many forums will your employers give you to put us to sleep. Hee hee hee. Just kidding. Keep it up. For an old guy, you’re not bad on the court or the page. Adios. Vail, Colorado

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