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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: Letters to the Editor

Ricki from Aspen is spot on about our wonderful ski patrol in Vail (and Beaver Creek ” Addie’s the greatest). They work tirelessly, don’t get paid much by Vail Resorts and are such professionals. Don’t forget about our world-class Vail Mountain Rescue group, either, who risk their lives to save skiers, boarders and hikers in the backcountry.

SP from BC

Re: One person killed in rollover accident

God bless Matt and his family; and God bless Candace and her family. All of them are dealing with tragedy!

Re: Guard ‘copter makes emergency landing

What is the National Guard doing maneuvering over a wilderness area? They have a memorandum of understanding with the Forest Service which is supposed to protect wilderness values.

Re: The ugly side of Vail’s real estate

Don Cohen is trying to build a case for another Menconi tax. This time we will be asked to subsidize housing for other people. There are other solutions that someone who is truly skilled in economic development would know about. I’m sure that the Vail Daily will support this tax since they have never heard of a tax that they didn’t like.

Re: The ugly side of Vail’s real estate

Miller Ranch is great, we have a house there. But it’s limited to who can buy and when. We lucked out and now it is all lottery, 10-plus people all going for one unit and it all comes down to points! That makes it tough.

More places like Miller Ranch are needed, but who will give up prime land for another area like it?

Re: Money for kids found

Matt, where was it that the commissioners found this money, under a rock, in an old trunk? It’s $1.6 million, right? Why right in the taxpayers pockets, of course. The same people who told them no in the first place. If there is an extra $1.6 million, then give it back to us. It is time to remove Runyon and Menconi.

Re: Kids tattooed, pierced despite laws

Such a negative article. Nice to see that we’re just brimming with positive attention to an art form.

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