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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staffVail CO, Colorado

Re: Letters to the EditorVail Resorts CEO has repeatedly stated that he has three constituents: tourists, his board of directors and the shareholders. Locals including the Beaver Creek property owners (particularly those with the audacity to move here full time) dont count. Re: One person killed in rollover accidentPlease do a thorough investigation and include details like the blood-alcohol toxicology, etc. We are friends to the family and the only nonbiased information that we are getting is through the paper. What are the felonies involved? This is truly a tragedy for the valley.Re: Cause for a redoIts a matter of trust now. This charter commission has let us down and I for one will not support anything else they put forward.We told them to keep it simple, they didnt. We told them we wanted partisan elections, they removed them. We told them the county already had an ethics code where the recourse is recall of elected officials. They added their own. We told them that instant run-off voting would get them the results they were seeking without limiting the nominees who get on the ballot, they went for a limited nominating process.Re: Rock stars sue 8150What a crock of you know what. Whats the difference in this and thousands of other bands across the world covering these and other bands tunes?Re: One person killed in rollover accidentIf the police had written a ticket for the car and license number, and mailed it, someone would have a speeding ticket.By chasing the car one person is dead and another person is terribly injured.I believe officers are trained to pursue until the other driver stops, is rammed, or has an accident. Unless police are chasing a violent criminal, I see no need for high-speed pursuits.Re: Top-dollar hotels rooms wanted in VailBy all means, lets add more gawdy creations and overpriced, under-quality hotels to our tourist trap. Re: Home rule with party lines intact?We should run our own poll with one question. Does the public believe that government should use taxpayer money to overturn an election? Or how about if home rule passes the second time around that we make it the best two out of three?Tom Stone Re: Teen dog trainer prepares puppiesJenna and Mark are truly incredable. If they can train my dog, Porsche, they can train any dog. They deserve all the recognition they can get! Re: Showtime for war criticsSo, open discussion and disagreement makes people traitors? This kind of rabble-rousing is the most vile of them all, and has been slung from the extreme right wing since people started disagreeing with the administration. Wasnt Tom Daschle called a traitor for disagreeing with the president in a time of war?NeoLibConRe: More crashes with instructors, some sayUnfortunately, Vail Resorts will not be able to make someone, who was stupid when they drove to the ski area, smarter when they put their skis or snowboards on. Just as the State Patrol cannot make them drive the speed limit or be courteous on the road.Jon Silver Re: More crashes with instructors, some sayThe instructors are a huge source of revenue for Vail Resorts and their concerns should get top priority. Or else, they should unionize.Re: More crashes with instructors, some sayAs a ski instructor at Breckenridge I have been hit many times both while teaching and just free skiing. Usually its a snowboarder and sometimes a skier, but it happens far too often. Generally the problem is rude, reckless and out-of-control behavior more than just speed.Re: Rock stars sue 8150Is Led Zeppelin suing Van Halen for infringement?Did Van Halen acquire written permission to play a Led Zeppelin song? Cause back when Sammy first got on board, actually, not even officially, Van Halen played Farm Aid, and had Sammy come out and jam.And what song did they play? Rock & Roll (Been a long time since I rock and rolled …)Im betting they didnt get permission, and they played that song in front of about 100,000 live, and millions who watched when it was televised all over the world.Re: Top-dollar hotels rooms wanted in VailWe had the audacity to buy a home, stay and become members of the community when we should have just been hotel guests. Vail Resorts doesnt want locals. They want the guests.

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