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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff

Vail Daily, Vail Colorado COOn the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Top-dollar hotels rooms wanted in VailThe St. Regis and W will blow away those pretenders that you have mentioned. Plus, with their arrival, the hotels you mentioned will have to clean up their act and actually have to offer world-class service, not just talk about it in their advertisements. And to the previous Tipsliner: These new hotels will cause all hotels to raise their pay rates and benefits.Re: More crashes with instructors, some sayThis was an interesting article, but I question the comments about Vail needing to take responsibility for or being responsible for the actions of skiers and boarders. This view seems to either ignore or overlook any personal accountability on the part of the colliding skier and rider. These people, not Vail, are the ones controlling their actions. These skiers and riders made their own individual choices and decisions when skiing and riding. They failed to pay attention, slow down, ski in control or whatever. Frankly, it is not Vail’s fault when people ski or ride irresponsibly.Re: One person killed in rollover accidentMatty Lope, I love you. I will miss you dearly. No one could have asked for a better friend. R.I.P., Matty.Re: Letters to the EditorWe global-warming deniers aren’t denying that global warming is an issue. We’re simply denying that it is an immediate threat. We have a hard time believing that just within the past 30 years, or especially within the years of President Bush at the helm, global warming has had such a catastrophic effect. I mean, come on, 30 years out of how many thousands (or millions depending on your worldview) has not caused that much of a monumental strife in global warming.Re: More crashes with instructors, some sayI have taken lessons several times and don’t have clue what you are talking about. What is your solution? Experts only on the mountain? You have to pass a test first before you are allowed up? If you think that makes sense, start a new mountain based around that idea and see if the market rewards you or punishes you. Re: The monarchs among usHow true, how true. Elitism is rampant throughout this gorgeous little valley. It’s a shame that we all can’t swap places for a day and learn to appreciate the other for the good we all do.Re: D.R.: Kaye can write a blogIt’s one thing to piss people off for the sake of doing so to create debate. But I thought we were going to focus more on dialogue. Let’s do more constructive dialogue on local, domestic and international issues instead of having just the sole purpose of a commentary article to step on toes. That’s not productive and can sometimes lead to serious assumptions, accusations and complaints, spawning from misinformation, bias or just plain old hate of one side of an issue. Re: Aid groups wary of immigration lawsIt sounds like these people don’t want to obey the law because they don’t agree with it.I don’t agree with the tax laws – everyone knows how confusing they are. Will the Internal Revenue Service let me skip them?Re: Why kids, families need fundingYour thesis dictates that it’s the responsibility of the government to take care of the needs of anyone for any reason. First of all, where are the restrictions built into any tax spending that eliminates the use of this money to be used by illegal immigrants? The survey you quoted undoubtedly was constructed with illegal immigrants in the sample. Take those illegal immigrants out and you will find a much rosier picture out there. I, and many like me, are not willing to spend our hard-earned dollars on criminals who want a free handout. Re: A Trojan horseBravo, Butch Mazzuca. This is one of the best columns I’ve seen in the Vail Daily. The complete and total disregard our three commissioners have for the will of the people expressed through the ballot is quite frightening. Once money is thrown into this black hole of government spending, no matter how noble the cause may be, there is no stopping it. Where’s the accountability for this spending? As you said, let’s hope our other two commissioners have the character to do the right thing and vote against this Trojan horse.Re: Crash closes I-70 at WolcottLate last night the truckers were passing each other in Dowd. It was very slick, and even one trucker passed a bus. Why not put up yellow, flashing lights? Whenever they are on, trucks must stay in the right lane and no passing!Re: One person killed in rollover accidentWell, if you (a previous commentor) know all the facts, why don’t you share them instead of telling everyone about what they don’t know?Sounds like you are as much to blame as any reporter for withholding information.Give the reporter a call and set the record straight, or would you rather just whine and complain?Re: Religion: Political scare tacticPascal’s wager is nothing more than a 17th century mathematician’s statement about probability based on 17th century rational thought. He basically said, “Hey, since we can’t prove either side absolutely right or wrong, we might as well choose which one scares us the most and run with it!”The past 350 years have proven 100 percent on the side of science, with religion still relying on the exact same zero amount of empirical data.It takes no balls to write a reasoned opinion, but it does take a lack thereof to anonymously attack the writer as opposed to debating with facts. Nice job, Mr. Owen. R.C.Re: Weak link in local governmentThe problem here is that the Vail Daily supports both Arn’s baby-sitting tax and home rule. They only believe in a fair democratic vote when they agree with the results. Watch closely as the Vail Daily continues to lobby the public in favor of both of these proposals even though the voters said no. They justify their position saying that “the voters just don’t get it.” The majority of voters believe that it’s the Vail Daily, Arn Menconi and Peter Runyon who just don’t get it.

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