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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff

Re: Home rule

I am one of the people who voted “for” the home rule proposal in our last election. However, since our “elected” officials, feel the need to to skirt the election process, which was established in this country sometime after 1776, I will be voting “against” this time around. If our “elected” officials want to continue with do-overs, then I call for a do-over on the election where they, supposedly, won their election. kkg

Re: Child-care workers may get college aid

I know the two most passionate, well-educated people who can take care of me: my Mom and my Dad. Maybe if Arn would stop taxing them so much for ridiculous programs such as these, parents could afford to spend more time with their kids.

Re: Linda Brophy has new job at Vail hospital

Master’s degree in public health? Wouldn’t a master’s degree in nursing administration be ideal? Public health nursing is very different from the daily grind of hospital nursing.

Re: Long ride for faraway students

It’s important to note that Anne Prinzhorn has not just co-founded the school and supported it financially. She has been to Uganda numerous times where she lives and works alongside the people she is helping. Anne inspired Warren to give back and no doubt many others will be inspired by Warren. This is the spirit of our community! SP of BC

Re: Teaching English is new charter’s mission

What? No new Battle Mountain High School, but an English immersion program for Mexicans? Unbelievable. Does the public get a chance to vote on this?

Re: Downtown bar about to be demolished

Sad to see Eagle selling out. Where’s the character? Why does Eagle want to look fake like Vail?

Re: Raising Narcissus

Good column, Tamara! Here is part of what has gone wrong by promoting “healthy self-esteems” instead of teaching resilience and self-reliance ” from various educational studies in America, by the way. Sincerely, HM the First

Re: Letters to the Editor

Well said, Mr. Kittay.

Mr. Runyon better think twice before backing Menconi’s pet projects. He will be up for re-election when Menconi is through and the voters will be able to get rid of him.

Re: Tale of two columns

Don says, “But the voters didn’t vote on whether the county commissioners should exercise their best judgment.” This is a stupid statement at best. Don’t we normally elect people in hopes that they will use their best judgement? I guess that you are saying that this is poor judgement on the part of Menconi to spend this money. That would be a smart statement!

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