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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: Downtown bar about to be demolished

I can only assume that Eagle is trying to purge itself of all history, charm and color and become yet another faceless town with nondescript architecture and tidy blocks.

Re: Teaching English is new charter’s mission

Crazy. If I were to move to France I wouldn’t expect the school system alone to teach my child French. I would learn French and teach my child so he could merge into the French culture. If their parents spoke the language and weren’t here illegally we wouldn’t have to have a “special school” to teach them English.

Re: It’s worse than we think

We all wish we could simply pull out, say “here ya go, you are free of terrorism now” and that would be that.

But we can’t ” we are not dreamers making wishes and we are not dreamily secure in our own little section of the world.

Re: Funding for kids is justified

We elect town councilmen, county commissioners, and state and federal elected officials to represent us. We listen to them campaign, study their stances on issues of importance, and put our trust in them to do what’s right in our best interests. They govern based on that trust. Sometimes we agree with them, sometimes we don’t. But in a broad sense, we hope they represent us in the best way possible. If the commissioners approve more funds for early childhood, they will clearly be doing that.

Re: Stranded drivers get bus tickets, food, gas

It is refreshing to read a story where the police and the Salvation Army are the heroic ones.

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