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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: Letters to the Editor

They are not “our” kids, they are “your” kids, hence, “your” responsibility. The public funding of these socialist, feel-good programs needs to stop. I don’t want to hear about how expensive your day-care cost are, you knew that before you had children.

Re: Funding for kids is justified

As a parent of a Miller Ranch Child Care child, I am pleased with the county supporting the education of my child. I feel safe knowing my child is well taken care of by an educated and responsible teacher. If this quality and affordable center was not here, my family and I would not live here.

Re: Funding for kids is justified

Why should the county educate your child? Aren’t you educated and responsible enough to raise your own child? I am so sick of whiny parents expecting low-cost day care. Stop being so selfish!

Re: D.R.: Tale of two columns

First of all, the voters have spoken about the early childhood tax, and no, there was no question on the ballot regarding finding funds within the budget for this program. This is being strictly fabricated by the people in favor of it. You cannot legislate good parenting, as hard and as much as you would like to.

Re: Letters to the Editor

In regard to Jay Willoughby’s comments about growth in the Eagle area, I don’t know what it is about wanting to slow growth to a reasonable and quantitative level that prompts people to think we are proposing “no growth.” We are all realistic adults that realize our town cannot just become static and look like the little cow town of 30 years ago. Our current growth rates between Gypsum and Vail are staggering and rank at dangerous boom growth levels. It is crazy and is outflanking our ability to provide all services needed for a sound and healthy community.

Re: Letters to the Editor

Here! Here! Mr. Kittay! Sounds like you’re espousing democracy! Downright heresy in a socialist society! Keep up the good fight, Art! Desert Dawg

Re: Proud to wear the sticker

I think you guys are looking at what Dana said in the wrong way.

She thinks of supporting the troops as in not sending our young and impressionable into war unless absolutely necessary. Although she did not say that very well.

Re: Proud to wear the sticker

I think there is more to supporting the troops than buying a sticker and blindly following the leaders who put them there. If you agree with the war, then you have it easy to support the troops. If you disagree with the war, then in order to support the troops, you must try and end the war.

Re: Downtown Eagle: Street like a river

To: Kathy Heicher, commenting on article, dated March 11, 2007.

Now I find out from your article I was ignorant in simply not understanding the experience I was actually having. It turns out I was actually parking my car, or should I say boat, at the river’s edge, then wading through rippling waters into the businesses I was patronizing.

Next time I’ll take a minute and cast my fishing line into the gutter in hopes of hooking a few native trout. The transcendent riparian metamorphosis? I’m sorry, I apparently missed it. Sadly the beauty right in front of our eyes often goes unnoticed.

Average Joe, a.k.a. Ed ( Give me a break) Borasio, Eagle Ranch

Re: Eco-friendly car not employee friendly?

I was at the presentation and am amazed at the angle that Alison Miller took with this article. I guess it is true that two people expressed concern about the size of the cars at the presentation. But what about the 50 other people standing around that were extremely positive about the cars? Lachie Thomas

Re: Eco-friendly car not employee friendly?

Dear Mr. Menconi:

Please remember when you are driving around in your brand new, fully-loaded, taxpayer-financed Prius Hybrid, flipping people off in gas-guzzling SUVs, please extend the same one-finger salute to your county manager and county attorney, both of whom drive gas-guzzling SUVs paid for with tax dollars. Apparently thinking green has more to do with commissioner perks than environmental friendly practices. People in glass houses …

Re: Vail Resorts releases 2nd quarter results

Maybe since Vail Resorts is making so much money they should invest some of that money into employee housing. After all they are the leaders in out-pricing locals in the housing market with all of their high-end developments.

Wouldn’t it be nice if VR wasn’t able to develop unless they build affordable housing in each new development? Who’s going to service all the millionaires moving into the high-end developments?

Re: Eco-friendly car not employee friendly?

So would you prefer that the employees walk everywhere on business? If vehicles need to be purchased anyway the country will save on fuel and maintenance. The Prius is a solid, practical car that gets very good gas mileage and requires far fewer brake pad replacements and oil changes. That all translates into savings for the county.

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