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Re: War protest planned by Eagle Co. group

The main problem with the war in Iraq is simply that if rest of the world pulled a Susie Davis, if Europe stood along with else and the cut and runners like Ms. Davis and her husband also stood tall, things would have been much different today. People like this Davis clan would have protested our entering WWII. They were against Reagan in the ’80s, but now many of the former Eastern European countries are members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the common market.

Re: War protest planned by Eagle Co. group

I agree whole-heartedly with the first comment. Liberals need to grow a backbone, and be part of the solution not a part of the problem. Their “protests” don’t do any good, anyway!

Re: War protest planned by Eagle Co. group

As stated very well by the Eagle County Democrats, how much more do we spend on a war that was started by lies? How many more lives do we loose? Get real. This is nothing like WWII. It’s all about destroying our constitution and our country as we know it.

Re: Local grad died in Denver crash

Andy’s laugh was more contagious than ever. You could hear if from a mile away. I won’t forget the times we spent together, giggling about the little things that really weren’t that funny. I’ll never forget that smile, the laughter, the memories we shared. Everyone was affected by your positive outlook on life, and the humbleness that followed you everywhere. You were such a great friend, athlete, student, and all-around person and will be missed immensely and will forever be in our hearts. I miss you, Andy. I love you. God bless you and your family.

Lauren E. Vickers

Re: Local grad died in Denver crash

Rest in peace, Andrew. We will miss you.

Re: Local grad died in Denver crash

I am shocked to hear about this. I went to school with Andy and remember him being in track with me. My prayers go to his family in their time of grief.

Re: A do-over worth doing

I agree here. Only, put the child care issue on the normal November ballet ” but not a special election. One, it is costly, and second, it has a low voter turnout which the commissioners know.

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