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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staffVail CO, Colorado

Re: Wisdom from the WebHello Vail, I just happened to look up your newspaper to see what kind problems your city has with the Vail company that seems to find pleasure in cutting down old growth trees for more lifts.You see Im from South Lake Tahoe and Heavenly wants to cut old-growth trees to the skiers objection.Re: Hits & MissesOh please! The ski industry is a huge consumer of energy all those snowcats and snowmobiles operating 24/7 for six months a year. Vail Resorts has a long way to go to walk the walk and all they are doing is talk, talk, talk. Building to LEED certification does not magically turn them into a leader in environmental stewardship! Re: Crackdown on serving alcohol to minorsThe bigger problem in this valley is over-serving of patrons via the shot system. I would like to see doing shots in bars go the same way as people smoking in bars. I can see doing a shot after a victory of some type but doing a shot every five minutes is extremely unhealthful. I am sure most people stopped well over the limit have done shots that evening.Re: Teaching English is new charters missionThe New America school is, by law, open to any student who applies (see the article on the New America School they even state that). Native English-speakers and English-learners alike. Also, denying students access to education based on immigration status is against federal law (see Plyer vs. Doe Supreme Court decision of 1982). The basic premise is this: The more uneducated a sector of society is, the more likely the are to use governmental funds (food stamps, etc., which illegal immigrants do not have access to) and prison (which they do). Educate or incarcerate. Take your pick.Re: Funding for kids is justifiedCant afford child care? Maybe it doesnt pencil out for both parents to work full time then. If it does, fine. But if not, well then, cook meals at home, no more Starbucks, no more new cars, stop with going to the movies, stop with the ski passes, the hair salon, the cell phones and accept the fact that you are parents first with an expensive financial and personal 18-year obligation you just took on yourselves. (Including dentist bills.) Re: Famous climber backs wilderness pushGo get em, Aron! The red rock country is worth the effort. I first saw southern Utah in 1963 when I worked on a Bureau of Reclamation research project near Moab, and its terrible to see the damage brought since then by roads, dams, drilling and off-road vehicles. Lets save the remnants that are still wild! GeorgeRe: Local grad died in Denver crashI taught Andy in eighth grade and am thankful hes a part of my life. I often ran into him later, whether at Starbucks or Gore Range Brewery, and he always had that great smile and positive energy. I cried today in class reading it to our kids and I cant believe I wont see him again this side of heaven. Re: Local grad died in Denver crashAndy, you are a truly brave and beautiful soul. Your Denver family misses you so much. We hope you know how much you are loved and how much youve touched the lives of everyone here who knew the real you.Re: Local grad died in Denver crashAs a friend from both high school and at the University of Denver, you were one of the nicest people Ive ever met. Your smile and great character will be missed hanging out at my apartment. Im so happy I got to know you and spend a lot of time with you. You will always have a place in the hearts of the Tri-Deltas at DU. I hope you were brought to a better place, one where you dont have to work as hard! I love you and take care Love Always, BeccaRe: Buddy Werner finalsWay to go, Buddy Werner League! Thanks to Mike Haseslhorst and all the great coaches and parents who keep this organization running year after year. Not only do they teach great sportsmanship and love of skiing, they keep bringing home the state title! And a big thanks to Jimmy Roberts and Beaver Creek for their support of Buddy Werner. Kathy Chandler-Henry

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