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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Wisdom from the WebThis is in response to the person’s futile efforts to show differences (other than sexual) between a gay couple and siblings living together. Your comment: “Siblings, cousins and roommates differ significantly from my relationship with my partner because we’ve consciously entered into a loving, committed, long-term relationship.”So why can’t two sisters be in a “loving, committed, long-term relationship”? Sure, you can go through various rituals for your belief, but so could any number of other possible relationship combinations. I know a man and his mom who have been living together for about 50 years! Why shouldn’t they be entitled to the same governmental benefits as gays? Hypocrisy can be so blinding.Re: ‘The whole school just goes berserk’NWEA is a standardized test and has one of the largest norming pools of any test on the market today. This test is recognized as a quality measure of student progress by researchers around the country. Some states are using the test in place of the CSAP-type tests as they show growth over time. It might be good to talk with NWEA and the school district to get some background on their tests! Web: NWEA.orgRe: Editor’s Blog: Almost all open spaceYou got that right.Re: Jody ‘Joe’ Michael Hern 1976-2005We found it hard to believe that such a fine young man as Jody is gone from us. We knew Jody as teachers and coaches in the Eagle County school system and were always proud of what a wonderful person he was. In the classroom or representing the Devils in various athletic endeavors, Jody was always a class act. We also know Sondi, Brandon, Shawn and Michelle and convey our condolences to all of them. The valley has lost a wonderful young man and heaven is now better for having him. God speed! Ralph and Janice StarrRe: Aiming to catch your eyeFinally I have someone to blame for the tabloid screech of the VD’s headlines. And while from time to time I actually hold some degree of admiration for Matt Zalaznick’s articulate opinions, even though I don’t always agree with them, I am shocked, shocked I tell you at the all-too-frequently hysterical quality of the headlines in the paper.So I guess I owe an apology to Don Rogers, whose name I have muttered in umbrage on many more than one occasion upon reading another of those tediously trite and trivial headlines.Re: Editor’s Blog: Escape from TehuacanAnd the answer lies in Guatemala, in Honduras, in El Salvador, and the rest of Latin America. It’s not so much that everyone in these countries is poor. There are some people who are doing very well. It’s that the incredibly skewed income distribution leaves a tiny minority with a lot of money and everyone else in poverty.Re: Big bucks on Battle MountainIt seems to be worth remembering at this point that gated “communities” do not actually make communities. The best communities are dynamic and diverse, not exclusive and far removed from everyone else around.All of America as one “gated community”? I hardly think this is realistic or desirable.Re: A serious drinking problemYes, the incident is unfortunate. Is it really worth putting your son through a lawsuit? Put the ego and pride aside and just accept that it was an unfortunate incident. I mean, come on, a lawsuit? What’s that going to teach anyone? This nation has way too many lawsuits that just waste the taxpayers’ money. Let it go.Re: Forget about the surveyI could not agree with you more. I love Minturn and I wish I could do something except care from a distance. Keep up the good work. Darrell TaylorRe: He’s already thereNice article. Thanks. We miss him so much. DillsVail, Colorado

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