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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: Letters to the Editor

But Snowden Smith, you’re forgetting the fact that the Vail Daily is a local newspaper and doesn’t, shouldn’t give a rip about either the University of Denver or Colorado College sports, even if a “once been local” is part of that. It would be like saying my aunt (who used to live here) is doing great things in Denver, why doesn’t the Vail Daily write stories about her? Because that’s idiotic and no one would care.

Re: Who’s defending my America?

General Pace admitted that he misspoke on the topic by inserting his personal beliefs into the discussion. He should have restricted his comments to the governing policy as stipulated in the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

At the same time, if by serving openly, gay people increase the readiness and performance of the military, then I’m all for ending the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. If on the other hand, the military’s readiness and performance are diminished, then we should all be against it because it would put lives in jeopardy and make all of us less secure in a dangerous world.

Re: Home rule back on the ballot

For Don Cohen to compare himself to Rosa Parks is an insult to the civil rights movement. This guy has delusions of grandeur. Numerous counties have considered home rule and they continue to reject it because it is a bad deal. Don Cohen should apologize for his statement.

Re: Letters to the Editor

Vail Daily, I wish you were more down the middle instead of being a left-wing, tree-hugging paper.

Re: What American means

Wow, Matt. Just when I think you’ve gone too far in expressing your opinions again, you come back with a thoughtful and intelligent piece which I think will precipitate calm and meaningful discussions. I realize this piece is on behalf of the editorial board, but you would do your own causes better by always being this benign.


Re: Fighting Vail’s future fires

Nice evacuation plan! In a blizzard, for example, you are to place a white object in a visible place to let authorities know that the house is empty. Good thinkin’ there. By the way would that not also alert the looters and burglars that no one is home? Just a thought.

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