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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: Home rule back on the ballot

The only thing that home rule will give us is two more commissioners with a personal agenda (such as Menconi’s child-care debacle) and a willingness to ignore the will of the voters in order to get it done. Mr. Gustafson is right ” this current board of commissioners needs to be recalled.

Re: High-speed quad to replace old lift

There really is a God! Of course, seeing is believing.

Re: High-speed quad to replace old lift

Great, great, great! It’s about time. Replace chair 5 and 17 also. The lift lines are terrible on those lifts.

Re: High-speed quad to replace old lift

Thanks to the editor for including this story in today’s paper. Even though I haven’t taken a ride on the Highline lift for quite some time ” 10 years or more ” I effectively grew up on that lift in my formative years … Jeremy (Aspen)

Re: High-speed quad to replace old lift

Why are all those runs double-black diamond anyway?I understand they have moguls on them, except blue ox, but they aren’t any steeper than Avanti, Simba, etc. Oh well, at least the double black rating keeps the tourists away.

Re: Why home rule is back on the ballot

Here is a novel idea. Have the Eagle County Home Rule Commission publish the entire REVISED Eagle County Home Rule Charter in this newspaper so that we, the residents of Eagle County, can read it ourselves.

Re: Wisdom from the Web

There are plenty of single mothers in this valley that don’t go to Starbucks everyday, that are driving old cars, that don’t get to go to movies, don’t purchase ski passes, maybe to go to the hair salon about once every six months (and that’s just to get a trim), the only reason they have a cell phone is for the emergency if that old car they are driving breaks down in the middle of the highway, that work full-time jobs, and because of the full-time job make too much money to obtain things like welfare or state help to pay for child care …

I don’t expect anyone else to pay my bills or help me pay my bills, but to have a child care program that is adequate and affordable, that to me would be priceless.

Re: Best in the long run

Like most free-market zealots, Richard Carnes is showing his true colors. He can feel free to make statements like this because he is wealthy.

I’m wondering if he is just showing us the complete idiocy of his philosophy. I’ve really never heard a better argument for government intervention.

Re: ‘I don’t want more war’

It is silly for small children to protest a war. They have no clue what is going on and should not be used opportunistically as pawns by their parents. SHAME ON YOU PARENTS!

Re: ‘I don’t want more war’

My daughter is fully aware of what’s going on ” she’s in the 6th grade and can read, after all. She sees the young men and women being killed in a war that makes no sense to her. She chose to protest of her own volition … New New Wallace

Re: ‘I don’t want more war’

Did you raise your daughter through education that the freedom we all enjoy is precisely because of wars we have engaged in and WON? Did you teach her that to do this protest is a slap in the face of our military, to make mockery of their sacrifices made for all of us (free) Americans?

Re: ‘I don’t want more war’

I agree that it is wrong to use children in politics in such a manner …

That said, saying that protesting a war, just or unjust, is a slap in the face and a mockery to soldiers and other patriots, is about as un-American as it gets. That is a totally fascist view.

Look the word up. It doesn’t mean Naziism. That’s just the path that fascism can take us. NeoLibCon

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