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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staffVail CO, Colorado

Re: Letters to the EditorRoss Wagners March 21 letter putting forth the theory that George Bush didnt start the current Iraq war sounds like the latest example of just how far the extreme right wing of Republican society feels it needs to go to make itself comfortable with what will be remembered as the greatest foreign policy blunder in the history of the modern world. Gary44Re: Hit and runs rise on hill, reports sayIn case Vail Resorts hasnt noticed, we have a problem, a serious problem. My question is, when are we going to stop talking about the problem and start doing something about it?Re: The Ranch at CordilleraRegarding the article on the Ranch at Cordillera. I was so surprised when I googled the Fenno Ranch of Eagle, Colorado and your article came up. I am researching my ancestors and was delighted to see the names of my great-great grandfather and grandmother, Levi and Emma Fenno. Consider this an Oklahoma howdy to any Fenno decendents who still live in the valley. And thanks again for the article and lovely picture. Bridget MeadowsOklahoma City, Okla. Re: Best in the long runIn this valley, where we are hypersensitive to meddling with the balance of nature, why do so few make the connection to meddling with other peoples personal and economic freedoms? Every well meaning redistribution of wealth not only is a form of robbery, it throws the market of free exchange out of balance creating more problems needing more meddling.Re: Hits & MissesMiss: The county commissioners having a special meeting to put home rule on the ballot for the second time.Miss: The home rule charter committee spending $40,000 on a special ballot for the home-rule election. They should have given the money to Minturn so that they could build a performing arts stage.Hit: The ground swell of people considering recall elections for Menconi and Runyon.Re: Harvey Lee H.L. Blevins, 1925-2007Mr. Blevins was my junior high school social studies teacher in Buffalo, Wyo. about 1960 or 1961. I recall Mr. Blevins as a very caring, dedicated teacher. In later years, I met his son and daughter-in-law and reconnected with Mr. Blevins. He was just as fine an individual then as he was years before. He was a good un!Ivan KershnerSalem, S.C.

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