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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: Windmills, wind and hot air

The alternate energy crowd needs an education before they lecture the rest of us. Windmills serve industrial purposes, pinwheels are pretty children’s toys, but the 2,700 things planted in Vail are anemometers. And they are not worth $100,000.

Re: Letters to the Editor

Mr. Kittay urges the powers-that-be to “stop all aid to the Iranian [terrorist] proxy Palestinian Arab Authority.” While I wholeheartedly agree, and would not stop there, it would be naive to expect such bold and effective strategic actions from the current congressional leadership. After all, this bunch of whiners is more interested in satisfying their own political ambitions than fulfilling their constitutional duties to defend this nation and its citizens. CJ

Re: Ski turns: Show ’em a little leg

Kevin must be from Wytheville, Va. I grew up in Roanoke, Va., and that fits the description.

Keep the accent!

Re: Letters to the Editor

State law requires the commissioners to put home rule back on the ballot if the home rule commission asked them to. Please check your facts.

Re: High-speed quad to replace old lift

Good idea to replace 17, but I rather like the Highline lift. It is a nice out-of-the way area that will definitely change.

Re: Foot to the PR pedal

Come on Don, you know a reporter can also choose which people to talk to (or “overhear”) and which quotes to print.

And the headline of that story, “How safe are county’s hybrid cars?” Hardly fair, balanced and impartial.

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